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Goldfish free online slot

It turns out that not only small fish can swim in the aquarium, but also big wins. The action of the game presented in Goldfish takes place in the home aquarium. So you can see fish on the screen that slowly traverse blue water. In the center of the screen, however, drums with symbols are placed, and the action takes place here much more lively. The whole is complemented by a few chances to get bonuses, including free spins.

WMS studio is responsible for creating Goldfish Online. In his portfolio you can find several dozen productions, and a large part of them achieved market success and suited the sympathy of players. In Goldfish, you can play with childish ease and this no deposit And without registration. The demo version of this game is waiting on our portal. Playing in the Goldfish Demo, you can have fun, and at the same time gain experience. Later acquired skill can be used to play in the Goldfish a machine for real money. This possibility is waiting in Internet casinos.

Characteristics of the Goldfish machine

This video slot from WMS is based on a standard 3 × 5 and 25 fixed payout lines. The range of plants can be from 0.35 to 105 currency units. This game also has the ability to activate automatic spins.

In turn, the level of theoretical opportunities to win is about 96%, which is quite a typical value for contemporary virtual ones game machines. Such RTP means that around 96 units return to the player statistically 100 units.

Goldfish - game service

The Goldfish Automatic is unlikely to be the most intuitive games in history online gambling. Sometimes you need to get a lot to determine to determine the desired game parameter (e.g. the height of the plant). Fortunately, you can understand quite quickly what and when to click.

At the beginning you should click the button on the left (consisting of horizontal lines). Then you are moved to a spacious tutorial and you can get acquainted with the principles of gameplay mechanics. Later, he maneuver in the value in the "Stake on the line" field, which translates into a value in the "Total rate" window. A single spin is started by clicking the button on the right side in the shape of a wheel. If you want to turn on the autograph mode, select the triangle button.

The value of individual symbols (for the total rate of 1.05 units) is shown by the table below.

Symbol/ combination Cover CC kch Dirt
Grass, fishing grid, green plant 0,3 0,75 3
Krab 0,45 0,9 3,75
Turtle 0,6 1,2 4,5
Green fish 0,9 1,8 6
Blue fish 1,2 3 15
Pink fish 1,5 6 30
Red fish 2,25 9 30
Golden Fish (Wild) 0,3 3 30 300
Fish food can (Scatter) 7,5 75

Bonuses available at Goldfish

It can be said that the Goldfish game machine is one big bonus aquarium. At the start, it is worth paying attention to the fact that part of the rate is transferred to the bonus balance (this is important when activating bonus rounds). Among the bonuses of this machine appears:

  • A universal symbol in the form of a golden fish that acts like Wild.
  • Bonus symbol (Scatter) in the form of a purple can. If at least three such signs are drawn, the bonus round is activated.
  • During the bonus round, the cans with food for fish. Then you get an additional win, which is added from a standard win from the payment line.
  • The second bonus round (called Fish) may be activated after each spine. In her case, the player chooses one of the colorful fish. Then he receives a win in the form of multipliers or free spins.

Goldfish - Which online casino to choose?

For the following reasons, we recommend enabling Goldfish in Bob casino:

  • It is safe, checked and licensed by the MGA external institution.
  • It provides access to a huge amount of good gambling games.
  • His offer coincides with the needs of players of Australian nationality.
  • You can use many payment methods in it.

Naturally, in Bob Casino, after opening the account, Goldfish is also available for real money, where with a little luck you can win real financial prizes.

What to do to win in Goldfish?

To win, you need to hit the winning combinations - this golden rule guides absolutely every game slot. However, the player has no influence on what symbols he draws, and therefore whether the winning combination will hit. It is in this unpredictability that the charm of gambling such as Goldfish lies.

Despite the key importance of a random factor, the player still affects the course of the game. First of all, the adventure with this game should be started with Goldfish mode for free. Free game is not associated with any risk, but allows you to get practice and understand all nuances. This is extremely important because Goldfish is a complicated game. Especially understanding the rules governing bonuses takes some time. In addition, you can recommend a game at relatively low rates. This allows you to keep the level of financial risk incurred in check.

Goldfish by phone and tablet

Aquarium with fish and prizes is available not only on computers and laptops. In Goldfish without registration and in the version for real money you can also play on phones and tablets. In all cases, you only need to start a web browser, so you will go without downloading any files.

The game was created in HTML5 (Flash Player is not needed) and it works the same on both stationary and mobile devices. In addition, the machine adapts to the resolution of each screen.

Try Goldfish for free

Certainly Goldfish is a game with several big advantages. This machine makes a positive first impression. The graphic shell shows an idyllic aquarium, which raises positive feelings. It should also be noted that this game can surprise you even after many hours spent in front of a computer monitor or phone screen. Especially the bonus rounds are full of surprises due to their extensive structure.

You can also find several shortcomings in this game. You need to show a little patience. Understanding all rules takes time, and in some situations navigation is a bit annoying. The sum of the summarum of advantages in Goldfish, however, is much more than disadvantages. In short, it is a game that is worth playing, even in mode for free.

Goldfish game details

Free spins:
Symbol Wild:
Winning lines:
Min. Number of tokens on Spin:
Symbol Scatter:
Bonus game:
Max. Number of tokens on Spin:
Autoplay option:


Can I play on the Goldfish machine for free?

Naturally, it's possible on our portal.

Can you get free spins in the Goldfish Slot?

This machine offers many bonuses, although there is no classic FS among them.

Is it possible to win real money at Goldfish?

If you play at an online casino, you can win real money.

What do you need to download to play the Goldfish Slot?

You don't have to download anything. The game works in a web browser.