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online game machine Hidden Valley does not require a great performance if we say that the game provider is QuickSpin. This master in a group of virtual producers of gambling definitely reigns at game salons. First of all - graphics: wonderful, modern, leading us to Tibet, now in the HTML5 version. Secondly - the presentation of the game: as always in the case of QuickSpin is a class in itself. Amazing Asian sound setting and intro gives the impression that this single -armed bandit has been refined in every inch. On the "packaging" of this video, however, the slot does not end. I guess it won't be too much if we say that Hidden Valley contains a multiplier of the plant, a lot of bonuses and multifunctional Wild?

If you want to climb to the QuickSpin highlands, then the Tibet Mountains are waiting for you in a demo version, available with us completely free and without registration. Of course, you can also find the title secret valley in the full -size version. Once you get practice and want to get Hidden Valley in real life, we'll suggest those who offer a trustworthy online casino offer a paid slot for real money.

Hidden Valley slot — opis gry

The hidden valley takes place on 5 drums and has a lot of, as many as 40 winning lines. In the central point of the board there are game drums on the background of the nature of the orient. At the bottom of the page there is a classic menu where we adapt the type gambling to our needs. To set the preferred type of plant, click the down or up arrow, and we can choose a range of 0.6 to 45 tokens on the SPIN maximum. At the bottom of the page we will also find information about the other loans and winnings ("win" field). To seek help or take a look at the payout table, develop the three dashes icon.

Select Wild Multipier

This section must be paid separately, because it is one of the main and more interesting elements in Hidden Valley. What is Multiplier Wild at all? As you will notice, an additional multiplier setting option appears on the right side of the matrix.

The Wild multiplayer table shows what options are to choose from:

Bet Value (euro)
X 30
x2-x4 45
CZ-s 67.5
HS-10 90

So what gives the Wilde multiplier function? Not only will it replace most symbols, but also multiply the win by the number of times, which you can match thanks to the Wild Multipier option!

How to win in Hidden Valley?

Collect from 3 of the same symbols during a tissue and play. Especially when you know what options you have to choose to start turning, let's bring the idea of symbols you should know in a hidden valley. And there are a few and this is an interesting mix!

  • Cards: from 10 to A: appearing at a fairly high frequency, signal a low type of payment;
  • Like or eagle: win to 22.75 euros;
  • Girl, traveler and Tibetan guide: Medium -order wins, but each of them can transform into Extra Wild, which will replace all symbols except Bonus Scatter and Multiplier Wilds; Max. 37.5 euros;
  • Wild: will multiply winnings with a certain number of times;
  • SCATTER: Koło-Tarcza X3 launches free spins and doubles the win.

Bonusy Hidden Valley

Of course, this is the part for which gambling hunters are waiting the most. Hidden Valley gives some interesting bonuses that complementary and refer to symbols - QuickSpin has revolutionized the idea for bonuses. See for yourself.

  1. SCATTER bonus: as above, i.e. Free spins and winning x2.
  2. Bonus wheel (Bonus Wheel) - its outer part determines whether Extra Wild will be awarded. On the inside, the wheel indicates the number of free spins.
  3. The last, but no less important - the Wilde multiplier: as we described earlier, the possibility of multiplying the win using the Wild symbols makes a really high rate at stake.


The idea to improve Hidden Valley is a hit. From graphics, through the original matrix system 3-4-4-4-3, to interesting bonuses and the multipier option, QuickSpin showed how to play for the 21st century. Undoubtedly, production is impressive visually and technically. Despite the lack of Jackpot, the bonus offer also seems generous, because the maximum win on the machine is 18,000 coins. As befits QuickSpin, the mobile version created for players who prefer the phone or tablet does not stand out from the original, i.e. the computer version. Remember that Multiplier is a great option and gives a lot of possibilities, although we recommend playing carefully.

Hidden valley details of the game

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