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For those who find themselves perfectly in fruit, we come with a review of the game from Amatic - Hot Fruits Deluxe. This classic translated in 2020 into a virtual reality online slots He will provide players with what they expect: fruit and seven fruit, which can double the win, and everything happens due to a slot on a red background that heats the atmosphere.

free gambling game This is nothing complicated, although we highly recommend you check the version for free, which you will play here. You can even expect Wilda as an additional element in this machine. Test with us how Hot Fruits Deluxe works. Before you start play for real money, it is worth using the test version of the machine. When it comes to the corners of the game and characteristics, we will gladly put you into details.

Hot Fruits Deluxe slot – opis gry

This game machine is in the type of classic postparty machine to internet realities. In terms of construction, expect a simple 3 × 3 board layout. In addition to three drums, Hot Fruits Deluxe has 5 winning lines, whose number from 1 to 5 is adjusted by the player at his own discretion. How to navigate this slot? The board is intuitive and the following options.

Right side Icon? Where we recommend you to look at you before you bet on the plant because it contains victorious combinations
Layout of the winning lines that you can view and get a graphically orientate
General rules that you will find after clicking the button with the paragraph sign §
Control panel (bottom of the page) Right side of the panel Spin, i.e. turning shots with which you start the game
"+" And "-" next to the SPIN, which you reduce or increase the rate
Autoplay, i.e. play for automatic playback. You can stop the drums by pressing autoplay again
Max Bet, where you can immediately choose a maximum plant
The left side of the panel (in black fields) You choose the number of lines from 1 to 5
You see the bet stake (bet)

How to win in Hot Fruits Deluxe?

Knowing the Slot's service, let's get to the rules. Regardless of how many lines the game takes place, you win by collecting the same symbols from left to right. Here there is a surprise for players, because the slot contains the Wild symbol, which replaces other symbols.

What's more, you can double your win by getting all such symbols. This Wild in the number of three is also the most valuable symbol. Starting from him, let us present the values of individual pictograms, which resulted in a victory multiplied by our plant.

3 symbols on the line

Value of winning in relation to the plant

Wild: Hot Fruits 160x
Seven (7) 80x
Star 40x
Watermelon 20x
Bells 16x
Plum, orange, lemon Relic
Cherry hch

As you can see, here, apart from seven, Wild reigns, which is multifunctional. Look for hot Hot Fruits subtitles, because they are a symbol of desire! Going to how the manufacturer devised all the extra wins, let's check how exactly this slot works in terms of bonuses.

Bonusy Hot Fruits Deluxe

You won't find a round in this slot free spins, and the icing on the cake is the Wild symbol. What can you expect if you find Hot Fruits?

  • Replacing other symbols: in this installment, Wild supports winning and encountering him on one of the line is rewarding;
  • 3 Symbols are a win of 160 times the plant's rate.

What additional bonuses await players in this game? If the drums are covered with nine symbols of the same value, count on multiplier X2 to win! It doesn't matter what symbol it is, because if the drums fill up, the multiplier has its use and you double the win.

Hot Fruits Deluxe in a nutshell

In the case of fruit, you should ask yourself a basic question: what satisfaction does it give us Fruit play? Here, Amatic is not a producer who broke the standards and created something innovative. In this game, however, the assumption is different. It is all about the fact that the user can basically start the game from the first minute without thinking about what the next "fireworks" herald in the form of crowds of animations and buttons. In this respect, the game certainly fulfills its goal.

By playing easily on three drums, you can have additional pleasure of several variations. Even the introduction of Wild is an optional element that makes the game more pleasant without complicating it too much. A big of Hot Fruits Deluxe gets with us for presenting the details of the win, which after a successful spin sums up its value and adds the amount to us.

Hot fruits deluxe game details

Free spins:
Symbol Wild:
Winning lines:
Min. Number of tokens on Spin:
Symbol Scatter:
Bonus game:
Max. Number of tokens on Spin:
Autoplay option: