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Jackpot 6000 as an alternative of a traditional one -armed bandit

Of the many proposals in the current era of entertainment, the Netent production refers to classic casino solutions, such as traditional Free jackpot gambling games.
The game engine was based on 3 drums and 5 lines so that you can bet each line in the round. Jackpot 6000 Online resembles graphically gambling machines from Las Vegas, where fruits are drawn to make the winning string. The interface allows us to click the Play buttons really (money rates), upload token, collect (current tokens), transfer (add tokens to your account), plant, maximum bet, draw. In addition, we have fast game options (faster sliding fruit in the line), sound effects (can be turned off) and help.

Can you play Jackpot 6000 for free?

Of course, this is possible in the game for fun, and we also have the following options:

  • Plant 1: 1, i.e. 1 token per line, as well as 10: 5 (all lines), i.e. 2 tokens per line
  • It is possible to change the value of the token to a denomination 0.10 or 0.20 euros (buttons 10 and 20 in the lower right corner)
  • Different game modes, such as - for fun, eagle and hand and supermeter
  • Double wins (2x) are available in all modes except Supermeter and winners

Jackpot 6000 gambling machines - available game modes

  • fun for fun - Free gambling games Jackpot 6000 allows you to play without the need for payments, you can get acquainted with the interface and check all options, but we do not have the option to hit Jackpot (i.e. the highest win) and the history of the draws
  • Orzeł and RESZKA mode - here the appropriate icon of the plant is selected, betting on an eagle or a rest and, depending on the result, you play further or return to the basic game mode, you can also make a bet for part of the win. To enter this mode, you must first get the tokens from the draws, but it is not obligatory, you can completely resign from it after clicking the Collect option
  • Supermeter mode (meter - counter) - in order to enter it, you need to make a 10: 5 plant, and then after the line is drained, if 3 identical fruits appear in one of them or 2 jakers on the tape, then it is a win, which you can download or continue the game. In the case of losing, unused tokens go to the loan account, and the game automatically ends. This situation also occurs when the win is over 6,000 tokens. At the same time, two jakers can give victories between 10 and 6,000 tokens

Jackpot 6000 interesting additions

Jackpot 6000 is a classic game, so it's hard to expect bonuses and promotions. However, this is very much Popular machineSo he must have something that attracts players. It turns out that this is a special supermeter mode. It works in such a way that when you win money in the usual game mode, you can transfer this money to the above -mentioned mode. Thanks to them, you can start your chance, and when you draw two jokers, you get a mysterious prize that can range from 10 coins to up to 6,000 coins (hence the name of this slot). Under normal conditions, Joker is a symbol of Wild, which is also a great help.

These online vending machines collect results from all lines

And this means that each win at the same time is added to each line separately. Importantly, you always see the sum of wins on the panel above the lines, which makes it easier to know. On our website you can use the free game without installing any programs, registration or downloading data, all you have to do is enter - and you can already take the challenge.

Jackpot 6000 reviews

Of course, you are interested in opinions about the Jackpot 6000 slot and what other players say about it. If you have just chosen this machine, you are lucky because it is valued by players. According to their opinions, it contains this game everything that a good slot should have.

The most important thing is that Jackpot 6000 is a simple automatic. It is for this reason that he satisfies players at every level, and the beginners, as well as the experienced ones. The advantage of the slot is also a nice graphic design that attracts players and the opportunity to play this slot completely free on our website. Anyone who wants to practice can do it without spending even a zloty.

Jackpot 6000 game details

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