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Jacks Or Better is a classic video slot poker created by the manufacturer NetEnt. The game is based on the old principles of selected poker.

The name Jacks or Better results from the combination of a single -armed bandit and poker. Where did a single -armed bandit come from? This typical table game has been moved to a machine, which looks like old, classic slots.

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Jacks Or Better - Details of the game

Jacks or Better has very simple, you can even say old graphics - it will not appeal to everyone. However, if you are a fan of classic vending machines, you will certainly like it.

A big of the game are still visible on the screen of the values of bets and winnings, depending on the layout. Thanks to this, we can easily control the height of the plant in the context of possible winnings.

We start the game by choosing the height of the plant and pressing the Deal button. Then we will receive five cards distributed. If we are satisfied with the hand, we can increase or maintain the height of the plant. To stop the cards we care about (we can stop 5, replace some of them or all), we need to press directly to the card or press the Hold button under it. The stopped card will highlight and will not be replaced.

After the decision whether we maintain the height of the plant and selecting cards, press the Deal button again. The cards we have not chosen are listed. This is the last moment when we can change the plant. To find out if we won him, we press the Deal button again.

When the plant is winning, it illuminates on the plate table in the place where we have a stake won by us.

An additional game appears with each win. Winning in it gives you the opportunity to double the win of the rate, but the lost completely zooming her. The bonus game is very simple and popular in various online slots - you should guess which of the covered cards to a higher value from the displayed dealer card.

How to win at Jacks or Better?

Jacks or Better has the same rules as poker selected, which means that the card systems are also the same. So we have: royal poker, with the difference that the last name instead of the strongest cards is called Jacks or Better.

This means that to play Jacks or Better you need to read the cards in poker, otherwise we will not be able to determine whether we keep the winning system in our hands, and if so, whether it is easy to beat it.

Fortunately, this game gives the player a kind of advantage - to the result of the plant, we can change its height three times. So knowing card systems, we can consciously decide how much we lose (with a very promising hand), and how much we risk (with very good hand).


The winning systems at Jacks or Better do not appear often, but experienced players are able to set the height of the plants to lose minimal amounts and fight for high winnings. Which is a definite , because casino game Jacks or Better allows us to real strategies that do not rely 100% on a happy luck.

The downside of the game is the lack of a dealer's card. In a way, this receives emotions related to the revealing of enemy cards and learning about the results of the distance.

However, Jacks or Better is a title to play and which is worth coming back to. It is clear, legible and gives real fun when choosing the right cards for the result.

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