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Jammin 'Jars Online is a colorful slot with high variability released in 2018 by the well -known Push Gaming company - software manufacturer for Internet casinos in many countries around the world.

The leitmotif of the game are rainbow disco fruit falling from the upper part of the screen. The reviewed title is characterized by an interesting mechanics and a unique atmosphere of the game. Move to playing in an unusual 8 × 8 screen and check your happiness.

Play the game for free now on our website. Receive free funds for the game and test all features without risk. Take experience and play Jammin 'Jars for real money at any time.

Guilds of Jammina 'Jars

The main assumption Gambling online games There is an introduction of original mechanics and changing current trends in the category of slot video games. Manufacturers of the said game decided to play in an unusual screen with the possibility of drawing additional symbols.

arcade game For this purpose, he uses 8 drums and 8 rows of symbols. Winnings paid by Jammin 'Jars Game automatic are accounted not according to winning lines, but according to the Cluster Pays system - division into clusters. The game rates are from 0.2 to 40 tokens. The machine allows you to play in automatic mode and honors special symbols. In addition, he honors additional limits for losses and winnings. Its RTP is 96.8%equally.

Gameplay rules and basic information in Jammin 'Jars

The rules prevailing in the game along with a detailed payment table are available under the appropriate tab in the game menu in the lower left corner. It is obligatory to read all the information because the game offer is constantly updated.

The game window contains a magnificent table with game fields, in which fruit symbols are drawn with special icons. Each of the elements has a properly assigned multiplier and a possible additional function. Below we present a list of symbols with payments for the rate in a game equivalent to 0.4 token.

Symbol Strawberry Orange Malina apple Plum Strawberry
25+ 40 25 15 10 10 4
20-24 16 10 5 4 4 1,6
10-11 2 1,2 0,8 0,4 0,4 0,32
9 1,2 1 0,5 0,32 0,32 0,24
6 0,6 0,3 0,2 0,08 0,08 0,06
5 0,4 0,2 0,1 0,06 0,06 0,04

The game window and the quality of the Slot surprise from the first seconds of the game. The machine is equipped with modern design and a lot of interesting animations. Jammin 'Jars for free is a production embedded in an original and youth style, thanks to which it will certainly introduce even the most experienced casino players.

Special offer at Jammin 'Jars

The game offers rich promotions in the form of special symbols and high multipliers. Standard winnings are paid for hitting a minimum of 5 the same symbols next to each other. In the event of a combination of symbols with a level or vertical, the hit icons disappear and in their place the next elements of the game fall apocus.

The title special symbol is nothing but Wild, which, in addition to replacing missed symbols, offers other interesting bonus options. If the jar participates in the winning combination of the machine will change its location to adhere to other adjacent elements. This type of solution significantly increases the chance of further winnings. All wins from one round are connected, regardless of the number of additional "responents".

In addition, the game honors the original Rainbow Feature system - a randomly activated function appearing giant fruit icons guaranteeing much larger and faster prizes. The last interesting way to diversify the game is to hit the three symbols of the jar, which activates 6 free spins. Bonus rounds honor much more additions, from extra multiple to additional Wildy on the game screen.

Jammin 'Jars in internet casinos

If you have gained experience in our demo version, you can register a free casino account at any time and play Jammin 'Jars for real money. For our part, we can recommend a legal casino, which has full legalization, good methods of deposit payments and payments, and hundreds of the best online games. In this casino you can run all games and enjoy the game for real resources.

How to win a fortune in Jammin Jars?

A way to win high for the reviewed Slot is hunting for any special round and Wild icons. Test the game on our website for free, put different rates and use promotional functions. Train for free and without risk.

Jammin’ Jars mobile

The game producers have tried to adapt Jammin 'Jars plays for mobile gameplay outside the home. For this reason, if you want to play a game on your phone and tablet, you won't have to install additional applications and add -ons. The game works on every device with the Internet. The mobile version is fully free and available without registration or login.

Try Jammin 'Jars for free

Each avid slot player should devote the evening to familiarizing yourself with the iconic Jammin 'Jars production without registration. According to our editorial office, the game offers an unforgettable and importantly unique experience. A completely original mechanics, much more game fields and extensive bonuses allow you to play in a truly new youth style.

Run the game now and check all the functions in person. Jammin 'Jars Demo is a free version of the game that you can test without any fear of risk. Start the game with one button without registration, receive free tokens and have fun without restrictions. We wish you high winnings!

Jammin 'Jars Details of the game

Push Gaming
Free spins:
Symbol Wild:
Winning lines:
Min. Number of tokens on Spin:
Symbol Scatter:
Bonus game:
Max. Number of tokens on Spin:
Autoplay option:


Is Jammin 'Jars game for free?

The machine launched on our website guarantees free play for tokens. Starting Jammin 'Jar Automat You will receive a free balance for testing and fun without restrictions.

Does Jammin 'Jars give away free spins?

Jammin 'Jars is a game with a very extensive promotional offer. It consists of special symbols, which, when hitting the appropriate combinations, guarantee free games with the possibility of multiplication and combining winnings.

Is it possible to play Jammin 'Jars for real money?

The game for real money is available in vulgar online casinos. Take advantage of our recommendation and create a free account at the best legal casino. Take advantage of the welcome promotions and play for real resources.

Do you have to download Jammin 'Jars?

The reviewed game, as we have repeatedly mentioned, is available on our website without the need for download and installation. You need a web browser and access to the Internet for proper launch and gameplay.