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Joker Poker to video Poker online, which attracts looks with beautiful colors. However, its biggest advantages are not hidden here. This is not only selected poker that has a Wild card, but also allows us to play more than one hand.

Joker Poker will be a nice change for fans of the game who are looking for some news and variety. If you want to try your hand at Joker Poker, be sure to play on our website: We offer the game completely free!

Joker poker - game details

Joker Poker is very colorful and refined. The graphics really please the eye and distinguishes it strongly among other slots of the same subject.

To play Joker Poker, we first have to decide how many hands we want to play. We can choose from 1 to 100!

After choosing a hand, we decide on the height of the plant - for this purpose, click the arrows under the chip on the left. The game is set top -down Auto Hold, i.e. decides for us what cards will be stopped. We can easily change it, all you need is the Auto Hold button to cling down and the game transfers all decisions to the player.

Once we set the height of the plant and other functions, we have a Deal button that deals cards. We can stop single or all of them. After replacing the cards, the Deal button changes to Draw. By pressing it, we get the final result of the hand - it is highlighted on a visible board with card systems.

How to win a joker poker?

Though casino game Joker Poker does not differ much from its principles from a well -known poker, it is worth looking at the lowest possible arrangement that Kings or Better has. What does it mean?

The lowest single pair that we can win is a pair of kings, and another pair of aces. All cards below are losers. Therefore, if only the king appears in our system, we should stop him. In other cases, low cards (from the queen down) must create either two different couples in a system or three.

Because the title joker, the highest possible arrangement, are cards consisting of 5 kings. Joker replaces all card values and always adapts to the victorious system.

And what does the game look like for more than one hand? Contrary to appearances, very similar. We can choose:

  • 1 hand
  • 5 hands
  • 10 hands
  • 50 hands
  • 100 hands

Under the slogan, of course, there is the number of cards handed out for us (five on hand). One would wonder if we must now decide what cards to stop in each of the 100 systems separately? Fortunately not.

The player still decides what cards he leaves only in a single system. But this affects the remaining 99. The detained cards duplicate in all distributed systems. The cards that we decided to mention are drawn in other cards, thanks to which the remaining 99 hands are gaining various combinations.

With high cards, it is very profitable for the player, unfortunately low cards even with 100 combinations do not give many or high wins.


In the JOKER Poker table game, the player has satisfactory chances of winning not only that he can choose cards, which allows him to introduce a strategy for a random game, it is also a wild joker card allows you to easily arrange the winning systems.

The downside of the game is the lowest victorious single couple - unfortunately the cards below the king are not included in it. However, the ability to play for several or even several dozen hands can increase our chances of winning.

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