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Legend of Kaan - Darmowy Slot Online

Those who think the world slot machines He stopped at classic fruit Symbols and a well -known drum grid and lines should necessarily read the Evoplay portfolio. Games coming out of this studio are a real revolution in the world of gambling machines.

One of the latest works of Evoplay - Legend of Kaan Online - shows that many games of this kind can surprise many. Are you bored of drums and lines? So get ready for a real surprise: this slot has the form of a widening snake spiral set in the middle of the pre -Columbian jungle during the reign of the Aztecs. In addition to its unusual structure of legend of Kaan, automatic attracts its unique mechanics and functions. What's more, Evoplay once again proves that he is a real master when it comes to HTML5 solutions, and the impressive graphics of this slot is a real feast for the eyes.

On our website Legend of Kaan Demo is available for free and without registration. The version we offer to you will allow you to get acquainted with the rules Games for free And check if this will like this innovative approach to gambling. Who knows, maybe Kaan, or King of Kings, will share his treasures with you.

Technical functions and specifications of legend of kaan

The game launched in January 2020 is available in both desktop and mobile versions and has many unique features. As we have already mentioned, it looks like a spiral, whose outer edges are gradually unlocked after each winning plant until all 91 fields are revealed. Technically, all this gigantic spiral in legend of Kaan for free is one big drum. The basis of winning are horizontal or sloping lines of at least four the same symbols. Their total amount changes with the spiral enlargement.

Is there anything typical of slot games here, you will ask? Of course. Legend of Kaan Game has several well -known functions, such as the multiplier, Wild symbol, autoplay mode and the ability to win free spins. However, we will not find here a symbol of dispersion or bonus rounds. Those who decide to play Legend of Kaan for real money will definitely be interested in the fact that the machine accepts bets from 0.1 to 500, which gives a wide range of possibilities depending on the capacity of the portfolio. According to the manufacturer's information, the theoretical RTP level of this game is 96.3%.

Legend of Kaan payout table

The basic symbols found in legend of Kaan without registration are 4 different -colored stone tiles with Aztec hieroglyphs. They pay depending on how the long line of the same tiles we can arrange.

Pink Blue Yellow green
4 x0,2 x0,3 x0,5 x1
5 x1 x1,5 Cuffs, Kh Dirt
6 Cover CC Dirt x10
7 x10 x15 x25 x50
8 x15 x20 x35 As a coffee
9 x20 X30 x50 x100
10 X30 x50 As a coffee x150
11 and more x50 As a coffee x100 Small 200

Assuming that at the highest rate of the plant (500), we will be able to get 11 green tiles in one line, we can win up to 100,000!

How to win in Legend of Kaan?

Despite the innovative technical solutions, Evoplay always ensures that the game service itself is easy and intuitive. Therefore, on the Legend of Kaan Game Automatic screen we will find only a few buttons with clearly understandable functions.

  1. A large round button in the central part of the navigation belt launches the game. Its longer pressing allows you to activate the automatic mode.
  2. The field with the inscription BET shows the value of the plant. By pressing "+" or "-", we increase or decrease the amount.
  3. The Balance field shows the condition of our balance.
  4. Win refers to a possible win from a given round.
  5. Under the button with the letter "i" there is information on the payment board, game rules and its bonuses. You can also change the sound settings here.

Considering that Legend of Kaan without registration is not a typical slot, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the exact rules.

Lans Zah·usee day Suolt of Khiltan.

What surprises are waiting for players in the Aztec's mythical world? The great Kaan has prepared quite a lot of them:

Symbol Wild

(Golden letter W)

replaces any basic symbol.

If we manage to arrange a winning line with at least 5 symbols (without Wild's participation), one of them is randomly replaced by Wild, which gives you a chance to arrange more winning combinations.

Respins (additional speed) Each winning combination activates additional turnover.
Snake (snake function) Each winning combination activates the snake function, which allows you to discover as many additional spiral tiles, how many symbols are in the winning line.
Free Spins (Free Turnout) when all 91 spiral tiles are discovered, the function of 5 additional revs is turned on. in this round the player also awaits:
  • Wild Totem - an additional Wild symbol for every 12 red or yellow tiles.
  • Free Spins Totem - that is, an additional spin for every 12 blue or green tiles.

Summary of the review of Legend of Kaan

Legend of Kaan without logging in is a proposal for everyone who bored of traditional slots. The game deserves the highest rating from both the graphic and technical side. Its high RTP levels, as well as a high multiplier of winning, will certainly please those who choose the version for real money.

However, the version of Legend of Kaan without a deposit, in which we receive as many as 5,000 virtual coins, will provide long moments of exciting entertainment without fear of losing.

Legend of kaan game details

Free spins:
Symbol Wild:
Winning lines:
at least 4 the same symbols horizontally or diagonally
Min. Number of tokens on Spin:
Symbol Scatter:
Bonus game:
Max. Number of tokens on Spin:
Autoplay option: