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Net Entertainment is a company famous for releasing numerous really attractive titles using innovative solutions, just such a product called Lights. It is a slot slot machine machine, and what is associated with this has an excellent graphic design and numerous, excellent animations.

A handful of the most important information about the game Lights

Lights uses the theme of ancient China and oriental culture already well -worn one -armed gaming, but he does it in an original and innovative way. The title Lights (lights) is a well -known motif associated with the Far East, and in this game they play a key role.

The game itself uses classic for Net Entertainment solutions in the form of five drums and 9 active winning lines used by numerous games - machines of this manufacturer. Of course, you can adjust the number of coins to a single spin, as well as the value of such a coin, and the winning combinations of symbols are checked from left to right.

An interesting, mentioned solution are the so -called Floating Wilds, or title skylights that play the role of the Wild symbol. Interestingly, they do not fall out on the drums, but they move randomly on the screen (fly like real skills) and once in a while they sit on one of the five drums, thus creating new combinations that can sometimes be won. Skylights replace all other symbols except for scatters. Of course, Wilda can also fall on the drums, as in any other slot machines - they can be easily recognized, because they are simply a stylized Wild inscription.

The scatter in this game is a variation on the symbol of Ying-Yiang, hitting three scatters in any combination on drums causes the free spin mode to be activated. Three scatters reward the player with 10 spins, four offer 20 spins, and five scatters mean up to 30 free spins in Lights. Interestingly, for every free spin from 3 to 6 skylights (i.e. Wilds), it will sit on drums giving a chance for a winning combination of symbols.

It's time to focus on plants and winnings

The game - Lights Machine enables many combinations of plants and the associated amount of winnings, in short it is as follows:

  • The minimum plant is 9 cents (9 active lines x 1 coin worth 1 cent).
  • The maximum plant is 90 euros (again 9 active lines X 10 coins worth 1 euros)
  • The RTP value for Lights online is 96.1%, so it is a very decent result.
  • The maximum theoretical win for the Lights gambling machine is 120,000 coins, so if you bet 1 euros per coin, you will win 120,000 euros.

Before you start playing for real money, click the "i" icon button to get acquainted with the rewarded symbol systems, in other words how active win lines run. Their arrangement is slightly different from the typical solutions used in other Net Entertainment games, so it's worth remembering it in case you were close to the main win.

And if you would like to test Lights first, then play this free game online on our website - it is available without logging in or downloading to your local disk computer.

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