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Lotto Mania is a slot produced in 2014 by Pragmatic Play. This company is known for producing very high quality games, so you can expect the same to Lotto Mania. At the beginning it is worth noting that this machine has a very interesting theme. Everyone knows the popular Lotto lottery and it was her inspiration to create a slot. That is why in the game you will see many balls with numbers and happy people who managed to win in the lottery.

If Lotto Mania has interested you, you can try it completely free on our website. We put the game here so that everyone could start it for free, try it out and decide if they meet their expectations. You can find out yourself, you can play for free As long as you want.

Lotto Mania Slot - game description

Lotto Mania is very easy to use machine for freewho will not be difficult to even beginners. His mesh is 5 x 3, which means that it is equipped with 5 drums and 3 rows of symbols. Graphics may not be the most interesting, but everything is as clear. Navigation does not cause problems and is intuitive, below we describe which button is used for what.

The button launching symbols for the game can be a little confused, because it was placed extremely on the right. It is marked in pink, so you should find it quite quickly. Above it there is a window showing the last win. Right next to them was Bet Max, and above it the plant you chose. Then there are arrows, thanks to which you can manipulate the value of the plant and the number of payment lines.

The Auto Play function on the left will certainly be useful to those who plan a longer game. If you are not sure about the rules of the game and the symbols that are in it, be sure to select the Paytable button in which everything has been well explained. At the very end you have a window with the signature of Balance, i.e. all means you can spend in the game. Getting into the right function will certainly not be difficult.

How to win in Lotto Mania?

Lotto Mania is a game with several interesting symbols that can let you win. If you notice lottery winners, you can be sure that the win will be quite high. However, we will explain in turn what symbols you can expect. These are:

  • 17 This is one of the lottery balls that presents number 17. This is the smallest symbol in the game, which can offer 25 coins for the maximum number of symbols. Only 5 coins can be expected for 3 balls with number 17.
  • 25 is another ball in the lottery. A larger number means more winning, and this is 100% more than the previous one, so you will get 50 coins for a set of symbols and 10 coins for 3 symbols.
  • 42 is a symbol from which more serious wins begin. You get 2 coins for 2 symbols, while for 5 you win 100 coins.
  • 63 offers as many as 150 coins for 5 symbols. In turn, for 2 balls you will get 3 coins.
  • 89 This is the last bullet, you will get 200 coins for it, in the best situation. 4 coins will be your reward for two balls.
  • A girl with dark hair guarantees capture of up to 300 coins and 5 coins if you find only two symbols.
  • A young boy will provide you with up to 500 coins. You will receive 10 coins for two symbols.
  • A girl with blond hair will provide you with 750 coins for 5 symbols and 20 coins for 2 symbols.
  • A woman is the most lucrative symbol, and you can get up to 8,000 coins for it. For 2 symbols, winning is not so bad because it is 50 coins.

Don't be afraid to take a risk, check what Lotto Mania is. If you decide playThis is not too lavish, gradually increase the rate and you should win.

Lotto mania bonuses

Lotto Mania has several interesting bonuses that we would like to talk about briefly. One of them is the presence of the Wild symbol, which has the form of a golden pig. Traditionally, it replaces all other symbols. In addition, there is also a scatter in the form of champagne. If you draw at least 3 symbols of this type, you win Free spins. For 3 you will get 5 revolutions, for 4 it is 10 spins, and for 10 - 15. The last bonus is a symbol depicting colorful balls. After drawing at least three of them you will be moved to the bonus round. You must choose one of the balls in it, and thanks to this you will win up to 1,000 coins.

Lotto mania - play or not?

Lotto Mania is a fairly unusual game that combines the characteristics of the machine and lottery. It has very interesting bonuses that can happen very often. Check the free version on our website and decide if you like it. If so, it is worth investing in it your money, good luck.

Lotto mania game details

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