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Louisiana is not only Mardi gras

Louisiana double poker is another variation of the popular one gambling, this time by the well -known and respected company Microgaming. At first glance, Louisiana Double resembles a classic selected poker, in which payments begin with a pair of valets. However, there is a difference: the waist in the game has 53 cards instead of standard 52. What is the mysterious fifty -third card? How does microgaming try to surprise its fans this time? Double Card (Side card), because this extra card was called, it does exactly what its name announces: it doubles the amount we would get from the winning system. The doubling takes place automatically, without the player's participation. Unfortunately, Double Card does not replace other cards and it is not possible to obtain, for example, poker, Strit or Fula with her participation. This means that only lower value systems are doubled: a couple, two couples, a three and a carriage.

Louisiana Double - Game rules and the amount of winnings

The gameplay takes place as in most games of this type. The virtual dealer gives out five cards, and the player decides which of them to stop and which to replace. The replacement takes place only once. The minimum plant in Louisiana Double is $ 0.25, while the maximum - $ 25. Playing for the maximum rate, we have a chance to win up to 2,500 tokens, provided that we can get a royal poker. The standard poker is worth much less, because only 375 tokens. A certain variety of gameplay is a function called Double (doubles), which activates after winning the hand. If we feel that Fortuna is conducive to us and we want to double our win, click on the "Double" button. Our task in this round is to discover one of four cards, hoping that it will turn out to be higher than the card discovered by the dealer. If we are happiness, we can multiply our win, because the Double round continues until we make a bad choice or end it by clicking the "Collect" button.

The features of Louisiana Double, free poker game:

· Type: Video Poker
Plant rates: from $ 0.25 to $ 25
· joker: brak
· autoplay: brak
Bonus: Yes, Double
Extra Extra: Till, Double Card
Maximum win: 2,500 tokens

Louisiana Double Online is a game containing an interesting solution in the form of an additional card with a double card. Unfortunately, this property carries the restrictions that I mentioned above, and which may discourage more experienced players. This is a condition that free suffers often Casino games, such as poker Louisiana Double. On the other hand, what scares away gambling veterans can be attractive to novices and it is likely to them firma Microgaming She addressed her product. Louisiana Double is available on our portal Online poker for free. Play without registering and downloading any files.