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Lucky Bells is a game machine from the AMATIC slot game manufacturer. This time we are dealing here with a fruit, i.e. a game in which fruit is the main leitmotif. This online slot will surprise fruit lovers, mainly due to the symbols of Wild and Scatter, which do not always appear in this type of games. Navigation in this game will certainly not be a problem for a beginner player, everything that interests us is at the bottom of the screen.

Interestingly, Lucky Bells is a fruit in which we can not only count on Wild and Scatter, but also we can determine the number of lines on which we want to play.

So it remains to try to play this intriguing fruit. With us you can do it completely free, bet on the maximum amount of loans and lines, you don't risk anything!

Lucky Bells Slot - Details of the game

In the Lucky Bells slot we have 5 waltzes and 3 rows on which we will collect our symbols. We can choose two options when it comes to winning lines. We have a choice of gameplay on 1 line or 11 lines. Depending on this, of course, the amount of our plant changes.

Graphics in Lucky Bells is very pleasant to the eye. There is no shortage of special effects when the symbols are drawn, they become animated then. In addition, drawing the Wild symbol also results in an interesting special effect. The symbols themselves are also very clear. Lucky Bells graphics can be summarized as follows: for a fruit it is really good!

Navigation is very simple. We have red buttons at the very bottom. On the right we have the Start button that begins the draw. The next from the right is the BET button, which we increase our plant. The next is the Lines button, with which we decide whether we want to bet 1 or 11 winning lines. Clicking the Gamble button sets our participation in the additional game as default. An additional game in Lucky Bells is to choose a black or red card to multiply our win. The HELP button is of course the button that we click when we need, for example, an explanation of the meaning of symbols or we just want to know what symbols they give.

How to win in Lucky Bells?

You are definitely asking yourself a player now this question. After all, you already know everything about Lucky Bells graphics, so navigation is logical that you want to know what gives a lot of winnings. Let's assume that we bet on 11 lines for 1 loan. In addition, the prizes are paid from 3 to 5 symbols, the exception is a happy seven, after drawing 2 sevens we can expect a prize.

  • For 5 lucky seven in the winning line we receive a prize of 3000
  • For 5 ladybugs in the winning line, which are also a symbol of Scatter, we get 1100 loans
  • Wild symbols in this game are bells
  • Drawing 3 stars, which are also a symbol of Scatter, gives us 220 loans
  • For 5 watermelon or grapes in the winning line we can receive as many as 500 loans
  • 5 apples in the winning line means a 200 loan prize
  • 5 orange, plums, lemons or cherries in the winning line gives us 100 loans

So how do you win? In Lucky Bells, it seems reasonable to bet on a large number of lines with a minimum plant. In this way you will be able to play for a long time and who knows, maybe you can draw well -paid symbols. Try to play with us completely free, then you don't have to worry that you put too much or too little. Play with us for free on our website without registration!

Bonuses in Lucky Bells

I must admit that there are some of them. Although there are no free spins, there are symbols of Wild and Scatter. In addition, we can participate in an additional game, during which we can multiply our winning. It is also worth noting that there are two types of scratter symbols. This is not so common variety.

Fruit for everyone

Different sources give different RTP values in the Lucky Bells slot, most likely this value is 96%, unfortunately it is not given directly in the game. Is it worth playing in Lucky Bells? If you are a fan of fruit, you are looking for something new, you will not be disappointed by choosing Lucky Bells. The advantages of this game are certainly interesting graphics and 2 types of Scatter cards. The downside is certainly that there is no free spins in this game, the very choice of winning lines is also limited. What can I say, see for yourself! Play with us without registration and without hidden costs, you can do it on our website by simply choosing Lucky Bells from many available games. Play completely free!

Lucky Bells Details of the game

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