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Lucky Mahjong Box - free online slot

Mahjong to Popular card game in the Far East countries. However, it is very unusual, because players do not use the standard deck of cards, but marked stone blocks that resemble dominoes. Lucky Mahjong Box is gra slot online, which refers to the mahjong card game. This production was created by Evoplay, which is one of the fastest growing studies on the Internet vending market.

If you want to find out if this slot will draw you in and provide front fun, then use this game without logging in our portal. You are literally divided by a few clicks so that you can start playing with drums. Treat Lucky Mahjong Box for free not only as a source of entertainment, but also an opportunity to gain experience. After all, later you will be able to make a decision to play Lucky Mahjong Box for real money, using the online casino.

Lucky Mahjong Box Slot - Main functions

This video slot is based on a standard 3 × 5 system. The number of winning lines is nine and is constant. The minimum plant rate is 0.18 and the maximum 270. Symbols Scratter and Wild appear in the game, free spins and a multiplier.

There are no jackpot and bonus rounds here. Lucky Mahjong Box Automat offers 92% theoretical chances of winning. In addition, you can use the automatic game mode and play on your phone or tablet.

Wins in Lucky Mahjbjong Box

In the demo version of this game, as in the game mode, symbolism, of course, refers to the mahjong card game. Below you can check the value of individual symbols.

Description of the symbol Award - 5 symbols Award - 4 symbols Award - 3 symbols Award - 2 symbols
Green Card (Wild) 9000 2500 250 10
Bones for the game (Scatter) 500 20 5 2
Golden card 750 125 25 2
Yellow card with a rectangle 750 125 25 2
Yellow card with a half rectangle 400 100 20 0
Card with a red sign 250 75 15 0
Card with a blue sign 250 75 15 0
Card with a black and red sign 125 50 10 0
Card with four lines 125 50 10 0
Card with five wheels 100 25 5 0
Card with three lines 100 25 5 0
Card with two wheels 100 25 5 0
Card with a horizontal line 100 25 5 2

In total, as many as 13 symbols appear in the game.

Lucky Mahjong Box

As in every game, a slot, in Lucky Mahjong Box without registration, you need to hit the same characters in one of the winning lines. The game is operated from the lower menu:

  • The "i" button leads to the instructions. So let's click it at the very beginning.
  • The "Bet" window is used to determine the value of the plant.
  • The "Coin Value" window is a place to determine the value of the token.
  • The "Max Bet" button maximizes the value of the rate.
  • The "Auto Spin" button is used to activate the automatic playback mode.
  • The "spin" button is started one turn.

RTP in the amount of 92% means that the statistical chances of winning in Lucky Mahjong Box online are not very great. However, every spin is a separate story and there is always a chance to win a win. Data also shows that this title is characterized by a low level of variability. This means that for a long time the balance may not change. That is why we recommend you to keep your patience in this game in combination with reason. The automatic game function may be extremely useful here to speed up the game rate.

Bonuses for playing in Lucky Mahjbjon Box

Symbol Wild w Lucky Mahjong Box Gambling for free He has a double function. Not only is it a substitute for the other signs (SCATTER exception), it also doubles the win, if it is in the winning line. In the payment table, it is also easy to notice that the combination of Wild's characters themselves brings definitely the highest win.

The Scatter symbol also looks extremely interesting. Just hit one to get 15 free spins. In addition, during additional revolutions in Lucky Mahjong Box, the game machine works a multiplier X3. You can also find the SCATTER symbol during free revolutions to win more of them.

Play Lucky Mahjong Box Game automatic - try a fortune

Lucky Mahjong Box is very popular among players from around the world. This is completely understandable because this title is a good proposition. In addition, this game is distinguished by the unusual topics and large profits that the symbols of Wild and Scatter bring.

In principle, the only low value of the RTP parameter can be considered the only drawback. Still, it is a title worth recommending, which is why we encourage you to play on our website in Lucky Mahjong Box without a deposit.

Lucky Mahjong Box Details of the game

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Winning lines:
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