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Magic Fruits 4 is very interesting arcade gamewhich can be found in our casino games offer. The Wazdan brand work is a classic online slot, but in a slightly different edition. This work was published in 2013 and from that moment it can be found in the offer of many internet casinos. It is so popular that shortly after the premiere, the extended version of the Magic Fruits 4 Deluxe machine appeared on the market. The described game has a slightly different structure than other fruit or hot spot games. Instead of classic 3, it has up to 4 drums with 3 rows of symbols and 10 withdrawals. In terms of graphics, this is quite a simple retro -style game that has several characteristic fruit symbols. Nevertheless, this title was created specifically for those players who appreciate the old throwing machines. It is only worth recalling that the Wazdan company has slots in its offer that went to both Internet casinos and stationary. Magic Fruits 4 is an automatic that is modeled on old bar machines. On our website, every willing person can play it for free. All this is possible thanks to the demo version we have. Only the fact that instead of real money uses virtual loans from the internet casino. They are ideal for ordinary fun or training. Not only cash is not needed here, but also setting up an account or downloading a game on a computer or phone. We provide simple and unlimited access.

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Magic Fruits 4 Slot - Game Details

The Magic Fruits 4 game we present is a slot that draws a lot from tradition single -armed fruit bandits. It is characterized by retro graphics. However, the background on which the drums have been placed gives the impression of much more modern than the other elements. This probably distinguishes Magic Fruits 4 from other such vending machines. The game from the Wazdan brand is also distinguished from other slots in that it has 4 drums. As a rule, online slots have 3 or 5 drums. 4 battles are much less common. In the game of Magic Fruits 4 as the name indicates, the most symbols can be found as fruit. The simplicity of this gambling It affects the fact that even beginners will not have any problems with its operation. Magic Fruits 4 has 10 fixed payments. Therefore, the player's task is only to choose the number of coins for one line between 1 and 10. Therefore, you can bet a plant of 10 to 100 loans. The player can also immediately click Max Bet, which will set the highest rate in the game. By the way, there is a chance to set an automatic game or one of three drum speed levels. In the game you can check the BET cach, i.e. the height of the plant, balance - account status and wines - winning. Under the "i" icon there is a payment table.

How to win in Magic Fruits 4?

In Magic Fruits, despite the presence of 4 drums, winning systems are settled from 3 identical symbols on the line. The exception is only a joker, which can bring the highest win with 4 symbols.

  • 3 orange symbols: win to 400 coins
  • 3 Symbols of pears: win to 400 coins
  • 3 plum symbols: win to 400 coins
  • 3 Bell symbols: win to 400 coins
  • 3 clever symbol: win to 800 coins
  • 3 watermelon symbols: win to 800 coins
  • 3 grape symbols: win to 800 coins
  • 3 symbol 777: win to 800 coins
  • 3 Joker symbols: Winning to 2000 coins
  • 4 Joker symbols: win to 20,000 coins

As you can see, at a rate of 100 coins per bet you can count on 200 times a higher win if 4 Joker symbols hit.

Bonusy Magic Fruits 4

Magic Fruits 4 belongs to very simple gambling. Therefore, we will not find any special symbols like Wild, Scatter or Bonus. The game is also devoid of jackpot. The only addition for the player is the standard risk option. After each win, the Gamble option is activated, which you can, but you do not have to use. It consists in the fact that the color of the card is chosen: black or red. Correct selection is a doubling of winning. Incorrect means losing the entire plant.

Magic Fruits 4 plays on portable devices

Playing in Magic Fruits 4 on all kinds of mobile devices, whether phones or tablets, regardless of their type and manufacturer, is pure pleasure. Wazdan Gaming puts a lot of work in that the game produced by this company is one hundred percent compatible and this effort can be seen perfectly in the case of games such as Magic Fruits 4. This game works great on smartphones, allowing smooth play and enjoying perfect fluency . There are also no problems with compatibility in any operating systems. Just a modern web browser supporting the HTML5 standard.

Our rating of the Magic Fruits 4 slot

Magic Fruits 4 is an example of a classic one -armed bandit, which we will recommend primarily to lovers of old games, retro -style slots. This is a title in which you can play for both lower and higher rates. It is characterized by simple graphics. Its RTP coefficient is 96.1%, which can be considered a pretty good result. The downside here is certainly the lack of a symbol of Wild or free spins. In our opinion, however, this is a machine that is worth playing on our website. So be sure to play Magic Fruits 4 and many other online slots that are available for free with us.

Magic Fruits 4 Game Details

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Can I play Magic Fruits 4 online for free?

It is worth playing in Magic Fruits 4 for free to learn all the rules of the game and check if you like it. You can do it with us because we have a special variety for free.

Does Magic Fruits 4 have free spins?

No, Magic Fruits 4 does not offer free spin. After all, it's a simple fruit with four drums.

Can I win real money by playing Magic Fruits 4 Slot?

Naturally, quite high. Wazdan Gaming games are known for the fact that even in the simplest varieties they can present players attractive to players. The highest single win is 20 thousand. coins when playing at a maximum rate.

Do I have to download Magic Fruits 4 Slot to play?

No, Magic Fruits 4 is a game available from the web browser. It does not require prior download to your device.