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Marco Polo is one of the latest items in the Novomatic Group, a well -known manufacturer Online gambling games type of slot machines. Can you also expect such high quality from which the company is famous for? You will learn this from this article, so we invite you to read.

General description of the game Marco Polo

As you can conclude based on this name of a single -armed bandit game, its plot is generally based on the actions of the legendary explorer who opened the road to the east to the European. Choosing the subject of the game is certainly not an accident, because this region of the world is associated not only with oriental fairy tales and haremas, but above all with the huge treasures of legendary emperors. And this issue will be able to examine the player more accurately, playing in Marco Polo.

The products itself is a typical case of a slot machine game, it has five drums, 3 rows of active windows and 9 lines of winning systems. Naturally, it also has all the solutions typical of games in this category, i.e. free spins, symbols of Wild and Scatter, bonuses and multiplier of winnings - so there is no doubt that there is nothing surprising in it. Of course, this is not a game of the game, because it is difficult to determine such relying on proven and very good solutions commonly used by slot machines.
Marco Polo Online uses standard card symbols, but stylized as Chinese magazine, and there are naturally scatters - camel heads, three of them mean a prize in the form of 10 free spins. The symbols of Wild, of course, is the figure of the title hero himself, Marco Polo, who replaces every other symbol except for Wild and Scatter himself. Unfortunately, spins is the only addition to this game, other free Marco Polo games do not appear.

Maximum wins and types of plants

Gambling machines allow plants in different heights. Marco Polo is not an exception here - we have factories in the amount of one to 10 coins, which can take values from 1 euro cent up to 50 euros cents, which after taking into account 20 winning lines means a minimum plant worth 20 eurocents, and the maximum in 100 euros. A unique special option is also available as Max Bet, which allows the player to put up to 900 coins on a single spin.

As you can see, the spread is quite large, thanks to which the Marco Polo slot can be interested in both fans of the games on machines preferring small stakes and playing only for fun, as well as gamblers from the top shelf, according to which bets below a hundred euros are not worthy of interest at all. Such a high value of a single plant also means that the game must offer a high win to attract players and the most such win in the game is available - it is 5,000 tokens, which, after converted into a maximum bet in the form of 900 coins, as a result gives 4.500,000 coins, which translates into a maximum win in the amount of EUR 2.5 million if the player puts a maximum value of 50 cents per coin. As you can see, this is quite a decent result, taking into account other machines online.

If you would like to convince yourself of the attractiveness of Marco Polo for free, then we have an interesting proposal for you - it is available on our website, without registration or the need to install on your computer. Just choose this game and play it at all without any fees or additional treatments.

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