If the term "cryptocurrency" is rained, the vast majority of people automatically come to mind bitcoin. Some more oriented will probably also remember about Ethereum. Meanwhile, the third most popular cryptocurrency in the world is Litecoin, and what's more, due to several specific features, its popularity is growing at a really impressive pace.

The cryptocurrency itself was developed by Charlie Lee in 2011 as an extension for Bitcoin eliminating some of the most important disadvantages of this currency. Currently, it is not managed by any central authority, has the status of open source in accordance with the MIT/X11 license.

The best online casinos offering payments using Litecoin

Although Litecoin is gaining more and more popularity over the years, this cryptocurrency is still very far from such common use as, for example, Skrill or Neteller. This means that if you would like to use Litecoin at online casinos, your choice will unfortunately still be quite limited. This does not mean, however, that there is no internet casinos on the Litecoin service market at all - they are even a lot. However, not all deserve attention.

Especially for you, we have prepared a list of the 10 best online casinos in our opinion with Litecoin support, both for money payments and payments. You can use it when making decisions:

  • Bitstarz
  • Bitcoin Casino
  • Fortune Jack
  • Crypto Games
  • mBit Casino
  • Bitcoin Penguin
  • Crypto Games
  • King Billy
  • 7Bit Casino
  • Betchain Casino

The above list has no significant order, so you don't have to pay attention to the position on this list - the casino set is completely randomly sorted.

Litecoin: bonuses and other options

If you are interested in additional benefits related to the use of Litecoin as the method of payment and payment of funds you prefer, then we have good information for you. You can get interesting bonuses in various casinos, in our opinion, among others, include:

  • Bonus of 100% to the first payment (of any amount, without the upper limit, as is usually the case in welcome bonuses) made with Litecoin at the Playamo casino.
  • Bitcoin Penguin casino offers 16 Game machines With a progressive prize pool that can only be played with the help of Litecoins, and all winnings are paid immediately.
  • Lucky Games allows you to play European roulette on Litecoin, withdrawals are immediately after winning, and the casino's advantage in this case is only 1%.

Payments from online casinos using Litecoin

All financial operations based on LTC are really very convenient. Payments of funds from the casino are carried out very quickly. If you do not take into account the time that the casino reserves to verify the transaction (but only traditional websites do it, those specialized in cryptocurrencies do not use it), then the entire transfer operation operation lasts a maximum of 2.5 minutes, which is time needed to confirm A single transaction block - for comparison Bitcoin needs 10 minutes for the same step.

Litecoin: Advantages and disadvantages

Litecoin in terms of technical solutions is very similar to Bitcoin, which is not a disadvantage, but an advantage. But it also has several significant differences towards Bitcoin, which in the case of using cryptocurrencies in online casinos turns out to be a big advantage. First of all, the number of virtual coins ("Litecoins") in the Litecoin network is more than 4 times higher than for Bitcoin and is over 80 million coins - and this translates into easier currency availability.

Secondly, each coin is divided into 100 million smaller units, millicines and microcoins. Thirdly, the processing of a single transaction block in Litecoin lasts slightly above 2 minutes, which is four times shorter than for Bitcoin, which in turn means much faster confirmation of the transaction.

How to choose a casino with LiteCoin payment support?

Treated for a long time as the younger brother of Bitcoin Litecoin, he moves in the shadow of his older brother not only on global markets, but also as a means of exchange for sellers and service providers. This situation is changing, and the gambling industry is a litmus paper. There are more and more casinos - famous brands - which allow you to make payments in Litecoin. The benefits of this are clear. More players are looking for a casino serving payments in Litecoin and Litecoin friendly brands. This means that more and more serious players in the online casino industry are starting to introduce LTC cryptocurrency service, which greatly facilitates the choice for lovers gambling games.

It is worth remembering, however, that Litecoin in online casinos can fulfill two functions. First, be treated as a standard currency, USD, EUR or GBP. So you pay money with LTC, which are then converted into the traditional currency you choose. The same mechanism works the other way. All your wins when you order withdrawals in Litecoins are converted at a set course and only then sent to your cryptoruction - so this cryptocurrency acts as normal money.

The second option, available only in some specialized casinos is a solution reminiscent of intelligent contracts in Ethereum. So the player has at his disposal special versions of games serving only litecoins, you send money directly to the game in the form of Litecoins, without prior converting them to standard currency, and any wins are automatically sent to your cryptoruction. In this way, your money does not go to the casino itself. Available in this way Casino games They are not very numerous, but you will still find roulette, blackjack, bones, poker and several other popular titles among them.

And how to choose the casino itself? You just have to pay attention to the standard aspects that are taken into account when making such a decision. They will be:

  • User data security and honesty of casino practices.
  • The offer of attractive games from various categories you are interested in.
  • Bonuses and promotional campaigns - not only a welcome bonus, but then offers for regular users.
  • Other, subjectively understood pros or cons.

In a simplified way, we can suggest that in our opinion, Playamo is probably the most interesting from ordinary casinos serving payments in LTC, and from specialized playing on Litecoin is Crypto Games. But of course your feelings may be completely different.

Litecoin: Summary

If your goal is to use the casino services with Litecoin support, then you have a fairly wide field of maneuver and you can choose the right website. We assume that you know the rules of using cryptocurrencies well, so in our guide we focused primarily on the issues of online casinos. We hope that we have helped you make an optimal decision for ourselves!