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Miss Joker Online is another game of Amanet. The slots of this manufacturer have often participated in our entries. This time, as part of a traditional review, we will discuss and test the possibilities of a new, less known but equally interesting Hot spot games – Miss Joker.

What does this slot offer? What functions does it have? How often does he win? We will answer these and other similar questions based on our own observations in the following paragraphs. We will approach the topic comprehensively, which is why every reader can be sure that the information from our entry will be exhaustive and valid. Without extending, we go to the review. Readers at this time we invite you to run the game on your computer or phone. Possibility free game testing When learning his functions in our review, it will be an attractive addition, a training option and a great game lesson in practice. Turn on the Miss Joker slot for free now!

Miss Joker Slot - Game parameters

At the beginning in Miss Joker Slot online A fairly extensive screen for the game is striking. To discuss the basic features of this game, it is worth starting with this element. Miss Joker Slot is a game that offers its users competition in the game window view using five drums and four rows of icons. As many as 50 payments in the company of 9 standard icons take part in the randoms on the slot.

Online Miss Joker Slot will be a great choice for High Roller players. And the machine unlocked the possibility of betting in manual and automatic mode, where its value reaches maximum amounts of up to 1,000 tokens. The minimum plant for a single turn is 50 tokens.

SCATTER and WILD icons work among the additional functions of the Miss Joker Automat game. Players can easily hunt here on the walls of symbols and use the legendary Gamble mode. The game relative to the competition and other slots of this manufacturer is distinguished by a high RTP indicator. The winness in this machine was assessed positively, and the return indicator was estimated at 96%.

Miss Joker instruction

Since the launch, the game is ready to play. The Miss Joker Demo and its design slot resembles simple insertion machines. This is also the game mechanics, which requires the user to determine the desired rate. In the next steps, go to the activation of the drums. The rest will be dealt with by the game software itself and the mechanical back end. To help our readers use this machine, we want to describe how to operate the game, how individual buttons work, and how to settle the winnings.

So, in the main view of the game you can see the draw screen first. Just below it are all the most important buttons that are worth knowing and knowing them. Counting from the left, Miss Joker Game provides the button Auto Start - a non - game function, HELP button - Refirus rates and the last start button.

These buttons are all necessary functions for the correct game. In the matter of settling prizes, current offer and the exact specification of the game, we direct players to the official regulations, where you can find direct information from the manufacturer. In turn, the cash prizes are paid automatically. The game has an efficient reward system, operating according to the table below (representative example for the highest rate):

Symbol CC kch Dirt
Joker 2,000 20,000 250,000
King 800 2,000 6,000
Jopek and Lady 400 1,200 4,000
As 20,000 4,000 1,200
Card colors 100 800 2,000

Bonus functions in Joker Lady

Additional prizes are entitled to users for drawing the symbol wall. For example, a full screen of Aces is a guaranteed prize in the amount of up to 1,000,000 tokens. Another noteworthy addition is the Gamble game option in supporting the drawing of card icons in the fight for additional multipliers. It is also worth remembering the presence of standard special icons of Scatter and Wild responsible for more frequent payments and additionally counted combinations.

Miss Joker casinos

One of the casinos that still offers Miss Joker for real money from Amanets is Ice Casino website. On this platform, players beige no obligations will set up a free account, use a great welcome bonus and play rounds in the reviewed slot for real cash. The casino is a good and safe choice. The site has a popular gambling license, offers a wide range of games, active technical support and free registration.

Miss Joker - how to win more?

Training will be useful to increase the chance of winning Miss Joker. This can be done using our free game. It is worth checking here the winness and potential of the machine among various rates and bonus functions.

Mobile game with Miss Joker

Miss Joker Game slot machines just like the rest of the manufacturer's Amatic and Amaneta games supports every mobile device in HTML5 technology. Players on tablets and smartphones can use the slot in browsers and applications. The game, regardless of the platform, offers the same bonuses and specifications.

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According to the observations of players and the accounts of our experts, the Miss Joker slot can be a good slot for experienced players and beginners. The machine offers basic functions that can be easily assimilated. Access to the game can be obtained by anyone, in online casino or for free on our website. Check the machine's capabilities in person and start Miss Joker without registration now by clicking the button. See the other reviews and do not miss the best casino promotions. Become our regular reader!

Miss Joker Details of the game

Free spins:
Symbol Wild:
Winning lines:
Min. Number of tokens on Spin:
Symbol Scatter:
Bonus game:
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Autoplay option:


Does Miss Joker online work for free?

Our site provides the game for free. Use it wisely and check the game's possibilities!

Does the Miss Joker slot have a function with free spins?

Free spins in this particular game are unfortunately not available.

How to check the Miss Joker game for money?

This game option is possible in casinos where an individual user account should be created.

How to download the Miss Joker Slot?

There is no need or the opportunity to download this game. The machine works in browsers.