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If you are looking for a rather unusual game that will bring some freshness to your gambling hobby, try Monster Lab. Is it free gambling game From Evoplay, which has been creating slots with innovative motifs for several years. This time the hero of the machine is a strange scientist who resembles a newcomer from space. He has his laboratory, which has strange creatures, they are the symbols in our game. The slot is well made and hides a few surprises, so it's worth playing.

Do you want to play Monster Lab for free? Nothing simpler, the machine is available on our website and you will not spend a penny on it. It is a monster lab without logging in, so you will play with us not only without using money, but also without waste of logging time and providing your data.

Monster Lab - game description

Monster Lab online to gambling, which contains everything you need. It has an autoplay function that accelerates the game and is very useful. You can also count on free spins, multipliers, bonus games in which something interesting happens. In turn, the Wild and Scatters symbols will make it easier to win.

Monster Lab Game is equipped with 5 drums and 3 rows with symbols. The minimum payment that the plant can become is 20 of a given currency, the largest payment is very large, it is as much as 2000, if you like to play with larger sums, this is a slot for you. The RTP of the slot is 94.3%, which is not too high, but allows for quite a lot of winnings.

Wins in Monster Lab

Monster Lab Automat has interesting symbols, all of them depict charming monsters that are trapped by a strange scientist. Below are all the symbols you will come in with and give their values.

  • The monster with one eye and the monster with the elephant trumpet are valued in the same way and at the same time the least. For 3 of each type we get 5 coins, for 5 symbols the win increases to 50.
  • The bird monster gives us at least 10 coins and a maximum of 100 coins.
  • The starling monster will make you richer up to 150 coins and at least 10 coins.
  • The frog monster guarantees you 20 coins for 3 symbols and 200 coins per set.
  • The unicorn monster increases the rate to 30 coins for 3 symbols and 500 for 5.
  • The purple monster gives a minimum of 40 coins and a maximum of 1000 coins.
  • The blue monster with one eye will give you as many as 2000 coins for 5 symbols and 50 coins for 3 of them.

Monster lab machine rules

In the Monster Lab game you will certainly not get lost, it was developed in such a way that even a beginner player can easily use it. However, if you want to not only use, but also win, read all the information about this game. They hide in the button with the letter "I". Read everything that is there, thanks to this knowledge you will have a good chance of winning.

If you want to play Monster Lab for real money, you need to get to know all the buttons on the screen. The largest of them begins the game, it is also the Autoplay button. On the left there are the most important buttons, thanks to them you change the value of the plant, as well as the value of coins, so focus when you choose them. It is worth trying Monster Lab Demo, you can set your game tactics for free.

Bonusy Monster Lab

Monster Lab The game machine has a lot to offer, including very interesting bonuses. Let's start with the interesting symbol of Wild, which resembles the DNA code. If he is on at least one of the half, it spreads to the whole drum, thanks to which it is much easier to get a cluster. In addition, there is a scatter symbol in the game.

It works so that you are moved to the bonus round. In it you have to throw small monsters into the vials of your choice. Each of them hides different awards. In addition, the game distributes free spins, and there are exactly 25 of them. When the round is over, you can choose one of three cards, and you can choose a multiplier x2, x3 and additional 25 free spins, the choice is yours.

Review summary

Monster Lab is one of those games next to which it is difficult to go and not play in the new. An interesting motif and its implementation encourages you to try at least one spin, and as we know, it never ends with one spin. The slot is visually nice, offers interesting winnings and bonuses.

You already know that Monster Lab is available on our website without registration. You can play monster lab without a deposit, we will never ask you about any money. Trak out your skills for free to then go to the version for money, if you want.

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