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Mayana - a new game machine with unusual rules

Mayana is bright and non -standard automatically online, which allows you to get a fairly large win due to small but frequent payments. After reading the characteristics and rules of the game in this machine, you can start turning drums for free on our website.

Mayana game is undoubtedly an interesting proposition from the QuickSpin supplier. The supplier offers us a great slot, whose main motive is the Maya. This machine will take players deep into the Aztec jungle to examine colorful tribal masks and valuable precious stones. The background is a green deciduous jungle with a foggy sky and engraved stone pillars. With a 3-otthone and 3-row layout, it looks like a simple game, but the rolls become 5 × 3 for the standard appearance. However, on the sides of the drums there are multipliers that can expand, creating even more rolls!
The site, of course, also offers the opportunity to play online for free. Are you ready? If you are fascinated by history and you want to discover the details of the Mayan life - you are in the perfect place!

Specifications of the Mayana slot machine

At the beginning of the game, only 3 drums are visible in the field, each of which has 3 symbols. They can be in combinations of prizes on 27 payments. The first and fifth roll are initially inaccessible. Multiple signs are shown at the top on the left: x1, x2 and x3, and on the right at the top it is simply closed with blocks. Both end drums become active if special conditions are met.
When the player wins for the first time, the lower blocks blocking 1 and 5 drums are removed, and the symbols are arranged as follows: in the lower row - 5 symbols, in the middle and upper row - three. The next spins are started automatically and free of charge. All winnings received in this field of the game are doubled. After the next successful combination, the block is removed from the second row. Now only 3 cells remain in the upper row and 5 in the lower two. The number of payment lines in this case increases to 108. If the player is lucky and wins the next turnover, the last blocks disappear, and the number of payments increases to 243. The amount of payment received in such conditions increases three times.

A large number of winning lines in conjunction with payment coefficients contribute to frequent winnings in Mayana.

  • The machine graphics are very interesting and definitely puts the player in a better, more holiday mood. The elements of the game are very transparent, the player is not "bombarded" with too many elements or dispersing details.
  • All important information is visible and well exposed in the game. Information about your balance, bet line, total and winnings, you can find in the bottom barbel.
  • Slot Much Mayana Kasyno Vulkan Vegas He has for free and for real money!

Mayana at the Vulkan Vegas casino

Wins in the Mayana machine

The minimum plant for one rotation of drums is 25 tokens. The maximum amount is 100. The winnings are calculated according to the following formula: the total plant is multiplied by the prize factor assigned to the chain of a certain number of characters.

The maximum win in the Mayana Mucha machine is 6 of all plants. You will win it if you find 5 symbols of the red ritual mask. The same number of yellow cubes with a drawn leopard gives the player a win in 3 factories. The combination of five symbols of the purple owl or green frog is based on the x2 factor. There are less valuable symbols in the game: four crystals of purple, green, blue and white. All these symbols have identical coefficients: per 5 pieces, the player receives 0.32 of the plant, at 4 - 0.24, at 3 - 0.16 of the plant.

Mayana Demo's fly has a rather profitable random function. A spontaneous multiplier may appear in the round with all cells. Its size ranges from X4 to X20. It is this factor that will work when calculating the amount of winnings, which means that you can win a really impressive amount.

When the game begins, it starts with a standard configuration of the 3 x 3 and 27 winning lines. The basic game involves matching colorful precious stones and symbols of animal masks to create victorious combinations as usual. What makes it a great game are additional bonus functions such as Mucha Mayana and Re-Spin, which can really help you win a lot of money. What's more, the re-spin function gives free spins, so you can do it without additional costs!

Start playing online on the new Mayana machine now, use your chance for easy, frequent wins and enjoy the unique functions of this machine.

Mayana payment table

This is one of the first slot machines based on the subject of Mayan. Totems are the basic symbols in the game field. To build a win we need at least three such symbols arranged on one of the payments lines.

  • 5 – €3.00
  • 4 – €1.00
  • 3 – €0.50
  • 5 – €1.50
  • 4 – €0.60
  • 3 – €0.30
  • 5 – €1.00
  • 4 – €0.50
  • 3 – €0.20
  • 5 – €1.00
  • 4 – €0.50
  • 3 – €0.20
  • 5 – €0.16
  • 4 – €0.12
  • 3 – €0.08

Bonusy Much Mayana

If there is one thing that all players love in the game machines - additional bonuses! Mayana has two options:

  1. EXPANDING RESPINS - It is activated when you hit three connected symbols in a row. These winning symbols will be blocked before any additional matching symbols extend the winning combination by 1x, 2x or even 3x, depending on the development of the drum grid and the combination you turn off.
  2. Mayana Mucha function - It can increase in the last third re -spin and if the rollers are fully developed, this function can randomly start and lead to a large payout. If you are lucky to run Mayan's fly, your payment will be multiplied to 20x, which is definitely a very nice result!

Mayana Mucha in the mobile version

Mobile players are lucky because Mayana's fly is one of those games that works on the phone without any problem. If you are unlikely to use a computer or devote yourself to your hobby in places where using it would be more difficult, a cell or tablet is an ideal option for you.

The quality of the graphic design is exactly the same in both versions. For this you will not look for options, they are always in sight, which is important during quick action. The game does not jam while using it, everything works smoothly and is visible, so you can be sure that you will spend a good time during each session.

How to play to win?

If you do not want to make mistakes of beginner players, stick to a few tips that we would like to tell you. One of them is to always choose all the additional modes of the game. Thanks to this, you increase your chances of winning more money.

It is also important that you spend enough time playing the demo version of this game. Once you play the money version, don't put too high amounts at the beginning because you can easily lose them. Start better with a little smaller sums, and even if you lose them, you won't have regret. With the help of these tips you will certainly play better on Mayan's fly.

Amazing Mayan Slot from QuickSpin

Mayana is certainly an attractive game for fans of history and entertainment related to tribal climates. Certainly, its transparency and bonuses belong to the great advantages of the game. Does the game have any disadvantages? In our opinion, rather not.
On our website you can play this slot and many others gambling for free, without logging in.

Mucha Mayana Game Details

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Frequently asked questions:

How to play a Mayana machine?

There are several ways to play on the Mayana machine: for free and for real money. If you want to access the game for free, you can do it without registration on our website, our free machines are available to everyone!

If you are ready to win real money, you need to register at the selected online casino! On our website we have more than one online casino of Mayana with available gameplay for everyone!

Does the free game in Mayana Mucha have the same functions as for real money?

Mayana demo is exactly the same in every respect. RTP bonus functions, percentage values and combinations are the same. Even the options of the betting are identical, which allows you to configure the game in demonstration mode, and even use strategies that will bring the same results in a real game.

What is Mayana's bonus function?

arcade game Mayana is completely unique and is one of the most popular games from QuickSpin. Every time you create a combination, it stops on site and increases the multiplier, while opening new positions for symbols. When you manage to clean all positions, the Mayana Freak will work and increase the game multipliers, which will provide surprisingly large payments!

Is Mayana adapted to mobile devices?

The machine from QuickSpin Mayana is available on mobile devices, which allows you to enjoy the emotions of the game regardless of where you are. The mobile game offers the same functions and even offers the same HD graphics as in the PC version.

To play on your mobile phone, just use a smartphone or tablet. It will be loaded in a few seconds and will contain all amazing prizes and special functions.