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casino game Multi Wheel Roulette was created thanks to one of the most popular producers in the world, which is Microgaming. It should not be surprising that he introduced an interesting solution to the classic European roulette.

Twist lies in the title: Multi Wheel, which means many wheels that the dealer turns. Players who love classic games, but looking for an interesting solution at the same time, should be interested in this title.

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Multi Wheel Roulette - Details of the game

The Multi Wheel Roulette table game stands out at the entrance. We have a view not only on the table where we can bet on plants, but also on as many as 8 wheels!

So we must remember that every plant we erected is multiplied by 8 times, because all the wheels are set in motion after its approval. Fortunately, this does not mean that we always have to focus on all of them.

If you want to give up a wheel from a circle, just click on them - the wheel is darkened and does not participate in the plant. We can click 7 out of 8 wheels. Also, the heights of the plants are thoroughly written so that the player has no doubt. On the side on the right there is a list:

  • Factory for one wheel
  • The number of wheels participating in the plant
  • The height of the final plant
  • Win

Thanks to this, we can easily control how much we put in reality. For example, if we put a minimal bet on the 3 number - which is a token with a value of 10, in fact we put tokens worth 80, if we focus on all 8 wheels.

The minimum bet on the wheel that must be on the table is 1. The maximum bet on the wheel that can be on the table is 10,000. We can choose tokens with values: 1; 2; 5; 10; 25.

This does not mean, however, that we can put 10,000 in red. Each of the systems has a slightly different maximum plant:

  • Color 1-18 / 19-36 | even and odd: 80
  • One number: 10
  • Two numbers (line between): 20
  • Four numbers (Corner): 40
  • Column dozen: 70

The maximum amount of 10,000 must therefore be spread throughout the table, which is not so easy to do.

Under the arrows on the right and left there are also additional options. Under the slogan of the change of the game's appearance - we then move to the view on i.e. Race Track. The plants are taking place there, they have a slightly different character, hence it is an option that this is an option for experienced players. In the same place we can also speed up the pace of the game and find ready -made bets that can be erected.

On the left we will find the Race Track button itself - which in turn extends a small board with a view of the racing version Online roulette, however, it does not eliminate the view of turning wheels.

How to win in Multi Wheel Roulette?

Winning at Multi Wheel Roulette on the one hand can be sure - the game does not block putting on contradictory plants, such as black and red. On the other hand, you need to be very vigilant during the game.

The number of tokens you put should always be converted by the number of wheels that take part in the game. Thus, the value of the plants can imperceptibly increase to the height that we did not want to achieve. Of course, with a large dose of happiness, we can count on high winnings - but it is gambling, and in it always the casino has the advantage (for this, among others, in roulette there is green 0).

Therefore, to win in Multi Wheel Roulette, you need to have experience in European roulette and control on an ongoing basis whether the amount of our winnings is not much smaller than the value of plants.


Chances in Multi Wheel Roulette can boldly multiply 8 times - because the player's possibilities of winning are increasing. However, the possibility of losing the same increases, and the lucky kicks balance the unlucky ones.

Therefore, although a huge of this game is its innovation, its downside is the illusory sense of the player's advantage over the casino. When, in fact, more chances are still on the casino side.

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