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Multi wild automatic is the slot online, whose climate and graphic design very clearly refers to traditional slots known to us for decades. The symbols visible on the screen during the game are nothing more than tasty -looking fruit and seven. Therefore, there is nothing surprising here. However, the fruits look tasty and encouraging. The game is alive, pleasant, but not intrusive music.

A slight departure from the standards is the use of four draws in Multi Wild. This is not the most common applied practice in the field of vending machines. Much more often we encounter five drum or three drum machines. However, this does not constitute any obstacle. The game seems interesting and dynamic from the very beginning. The game is also diversified by the bonuses used and additional functions, such as gamble, found in two variants.

To be able to test the game and become familiar with all the functions he offers, play Multi Wild Online completely for free and without registration on our website. Exercise strategies and work out your own game system because you multiply your profits. Remember to always use proven and safe casinos. You can also find their list with us.

Multi Wild Slot - the main features

The software supplier is a well -known and liked Merkur Slots studio, which has often proved that he knows making simple, good slots that are selling. The machine belongs to classic slots 777, but it is not without interesting add -ons, such as the gamble function, appearing in two variants.

Multi wild game machine has a number of features that allow you to classify it as a traditional machine. The game mechanism is based on four draws and three rows. This is not the most common practice. However, this does not affect the quality of the game. On the contrary, it is dynamic and pleasant.

The minimum plant, as we can build, is a thousand and the maximum is two hundred thousand loans. The RTP indicator for this slot is 96.53%, which is a standard result for this type of production. To facilitate and automate the game, the creators have equipped Multi Wild plays the autoplay function, which allows you to perform further moves without the need to constantly click on the draw button. This mode allows us to set a maximum of one hundred moves. Choosing this option, however, deprives us of the possibility of using the gamble mode.

Multi Wild - game rules

To start the game, you must first determine the rate at which you want to play. We can do this by clicking on the coins icon located in the lower left corner of the game screen. The minimum rate we can take is a thousand loans, and the maximum is equal to two hundred thousand loans. You can set the maximum rate using the Max button next to the Max button. After setting the size of our plant, we can start the game by clicking the Play button in the lower right corner of the screen. The game has also been equipped with an autoplay button that will help automate the game. It is located next to the Play button.

The current account status and the currently selected rate can be seen at the bottom of the screen. In the upper part, however, there is a panel in which we can check the payment table (dollar symbol) or read the rules of the game along with a description of all bonuses and functions. Before playing at the new machine, get to know its rules and bonuses for registration without a deposit. Play Multi Wild for free on our website to get to know all the functions of the machine. Exercise systems and strategies to increase your chance to win.

The volume of winning is demonstrated by the type of symbol appearing on the screen and the amount in which it appears. Cherry is the least scored symbol, but the best are seven. The Wild symbol, replacing every symbol, is also extremely desirable. After appearing on the screen, he doubles the win. When two Wild symbols appear - the win increases four times. However, when we notice three Wild symbols at the same time- the sum of the win will increase eight times! Payment table for the minimum rate is as follows:

Symbol CC kch
Seven 8,000 80,000
Watermelon 3,000 30,000
Bell 2,000 20,000
Grape 500 2,000
Plum 500 2,000
Orange 500 2,000
Lemon 500 2,000
Cherry 500 1,000

Let's not forget about the Gamble function, which allows you to increase the win with the risk of its loss. After the hit drawer, the player appears: cards, table and sack. After clicking on the bag, we receive the prize. The cards transfer us to the panel where we must guess the color of the drawn card to increase the win. The table, in turn, allows for a random increase or decrease in winning.

Multi Wild – bonusy

gambling Multi Wild has been varied with large bonuses, such as the Wild symbol, which replaces every symbol, available in the game. After appearing on the screen, he also doubles the win. When it appears twice - he increases winning four times. When we see three Wild symbols - the prize will increase eight times! Another bonus that we find in Multi Wild without registration is the Gamble function, which will help us multiply the win, but with the risk of losing it.

Where to play Multi Wild?

Remember to play only in proven and safe casinos. Play Multi Wild a machine for real money W Real casinowhere your security is legally guaranteed. The casino has all the necessary licenses. Use a wide range of games. The casino is well adapted to Australian players. The casino accepts many payment methods. Play safely and pleasantly.

How to increase your win in Multi Wild?

To increase your chances of winning, you must follow a few rules. First of all, relatively low factories should be erected, instead of playing for the entire available sum immediately. Experiment with various game modes. If you are not afraid of risk, use the gamble function. Play Multi Wild Demo and train strategies to get better.

Multi Wild on your phone

The game is based on HTML5 technology, so we don't have to worry about any plugs. The entertainment can be enjoyed on any stationary or mobile device, regardless of whether we use Android, Windows or iOS. Of course, we can play in Full HD resolution.

Multi Wild - similar slots

Multi Wild shows some similarity to known and liked fruit slots, such as Fire Joker or Hot Fruits. Standard and proven topics here is the key to success.


Multi Wild is definitely an recommendable slot. Certainly, you can grant the creators attention to detail and concern for reliability. The game is pleasant to the eye and I guarantee entertainment that does not get bored quickly, and the wealth of bonuses additionally makes it more pleasant.

Multi wild game details

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Can you play Multi Wild for free?

Yes. The game is available on TOKS Throne for free.

Does Multi Wild have the function of free spins?

The game does not have such a bonus function.

Can I play Multi Wild for real money?

The slot works on cash only in legal casinos.

Do you need to download anything to play Multi Wild?

You don't have to download anything to play.