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Nuke World game is one of the modern slots that will satisfy even very demanding players. If you are looking for rather classic sensations, you are not in the right place, because Nuke World has many modern functions, many bonuses and an unusual net. The main heroes of the game are animals that wage a war using interesting weapons.

You can check Nuke World for free on our website. We put it especially for our players here the best games From Evoplay and not only, so that you can train your skills on slots without the need to spend money. On our website you will find Nuke World without logging in, so don't worry about creating an account, just play without any obligations.

Nuke World - game description

Nuke World Demo on our website is exactly the same as Nuke World plays for real money. All the functions we describe here apply to both of these versions. At the beginning you can see an unusual mesh, the size of which is 7 × 7. As a result, the mesh is very large, it can accommodate many symbols. RTP 96% is sufficiently high to consider the slot as good.

Variability game machine It is referred to as low in the direction to the average. The minimum rate that you can pay as a plant is 0.1 of a given currency. If you prefer larger amounts, you can pay up to 500 a given currency for one spin. The game is equipped with an autoplay function. In addition, this slot has some interesting bonuses, but you will not meet free spins. For this you can enjoy the symbols of Wild.

Wins in Nuke World

Nuke World Automat has a very interesting approach to symbols. You will not find typical winning lines in it, and it is enough that the identical symbols and their number will appear on the screen in some way, the player wins. Below you will learn more for how many exact symbols you will get what reward.

  • The blue weapon is the least valuable symbol that pays 0.1 coins for 5 symbols and gives 5 coins for 15 symbols on the screen.
  • The green weapon will pay you at least 0.2 coins, and you can count on 6 coins for 15 symbols.
  • The red weapon will give you 8 coins at best, and if you hit 5 such on the screen, you'll get 0.4 coins.
  • The yellow weapon will pay at least 0.5 coins to each, while for 15 or more symbols connected on the screen you can count on 12 coins.
  • The blue bomb pays 0.7 coins if you manage to get 5 connected symbols on the screen. You will get 20 coins if there are 15 or more symbols.
  • The green bomb guarantees the entire coin if you draw at least 5 symbols, and for 15 or more you get 25 coins.
  • The red bomb distributes 1.2 coins for every 5 symbols on the screen, at best you will get 35 coins.
  • The yellow bomb is the most valuable symbol and guarantees at least 2 coins and 50 coins for 15 or more symbols.

Nuke World - how to play?

Nuke World Online can make you get lost at the beginning. This is not a classic game that players could get used to. She is a little different, so some may need time to get to know Nuke World. The arrangement of the buttons is not different than in other games. In the middle you will find the drum start button.

On the right side of the screen you see how much you won, and on the left what is your plant. If you care especially about winning, we recommend that you read all the information that was placed in the "I" button. They will certainly help understand the essence of the game. A lot of exercises will also help, so train your demo before you get to the game for money.

Bonuses for playing in Nuke World

Nuke world game machine has no typical bonuses that you can expect in this type of game. You will certainly be surprised when you see what promotions in this game are. It was programmed so that everything looks like a war fought between animals. That is why bonuses are related to the fight. The main character, i.e. Lis, can completely randomly help you win. For example, it fills the entire drum only with Wild symbols, turns several of them into Wilda or offers other similar solutions.

An interesting thing happens when you draw a combination of 15 symbols in one of the spins. Then your opponent dies and the bonus function is launched. Sometimes less valuable symbols become more valuable, otherwise all symbols of a given type move to the center to create a combination. Check them out yourself!

Try Nuke World for free

Nuke World is undoubtedly an unusual game that is realized in an interesting way. Drink into the fight of animals, use bombs and other weapons to defeat your opponent. Use interesting bonuses and win duels. Nuke World can be found on our website without registration, so you can try what he is hiding yourself. It is a free game, which is otherwise it is Nuke World without a deposit, so enjoy free fun.

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