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A series of classic gambling games, whose common denominator is, in addition to the hearing interface, nine winning lines seem to have no end. Further online machines emerge like rabbits from the Magic cylinder, which is, of course, Novomatic. The Video Polar Fox slot takes us to frosty Arctic regions. The undisputed star of this game on the slot machines is the title polar fox, a nice creature, which unfortunately was endowed with nature, a wonderful, snow -white fur, the object of desire for hunters and celebrities. The slot does not stand out from the other representatives of the series. Simplified graphics, and economical, stylized gambling machines from the last century sound effects are its characteristics.

640 kilobytes should be enough for everyone

Polar Fox is a traditional, five -dentive variety of a single -armed bandit game. We have from one to nine winning lines. On each of them we can put from one to one hundred coins with denominations from 0.5 to 2. Polar Fox Online is certainly not a game full of fountains. We will not find here bonus rounds or hidden functions. The only thing we can count on are the immortal inhabitants of the slot drums - the Wild and Scatter brothers.

  • The Wild symbol decorates the image of a polar fox. As in other cycle games, Wild replaces all symbols except Scatter. Wild participating in the winning combination causes a doubling of our gratification. The polar fox is also the most valued symbol in the game - hitting five icons depicting this beautiful animal means winning up to 900,000 coins!
  • On the SCATTER symbol, the graphic designers of Novomatic placed illustrations depicting the northern lights. Fans of Gumpoldskirchen products will not be surprised - just like in the other "nine -cycle" series, appearing on the screen of three and more symbols of the northern lights results in the award of a bonus in the form of 15 free spins.
  • Due to the lack of other attractions, it is free spins that are the main power of the Polar Fox game. Considering that you can win another during a free round free gambling games And the fact that the winning winnings make tripleing difficult to disagree.

Reheated games of second fresh vending machines

It is hard to find any revealing statements about the described video Slot. Novomatic consistently reproduces the scheme presented by previous free Polar Fox gambling games is no exception here. However, it is worth devoting a few moments to him and if only to learn more about the wild arctic animals, which are the main topic of this game for slot machines. Polar Fox for free, without registration and in the non -imprisonment version is available on our website. There you will also find many other interesting items from Novomatic. Instead of hunting, play our online casino!

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