Basic information about Partygaming

The Partygaming PLC company is a real dinosaur on the Internet gambling market, as it was created in ancient times, in 1997. Its headquarters originally located in the Caribbean.

The beginnings of this enterprise are associated with the Ruth umbrella founded a year earlier, the no longer existing Starluck casino, which then changed its name to Partygaming PLC and under this brand continued the new form of activity, which was the creation of software for online casinos, Slot machines i free gambling games Partygaming.

If you think that the Partygaming brand is rather little known to you and therefore you have even little doubts about whether it is noteworthy, then you should know that in 2011 the company absorbed a huge company from the market of sports plants, Bwin Interactive Entertainment and since then the new company has been called Bwin Party Digital Entertainment.

The Partygaming brand itself is still used for the purposes of software for online casinos, but you should simply associate it with BWIN.

Partygaming - what else is worth knowing about this supplier?

Partygaming is a company that is really important to the gambling software market. It is enough to mention, for example, that as early as 2005 it debuted on the London Stock Exchange and in the same year it went to the FTSE 100 index.

Currently, the company is located in Gibraltar and operates on the basis of a ranks of licenses and permits issued by governments, in markets whose participation conducts its activities, and also closely cooperates with many institutions and organizations dealing with supervising the online gambling market.

Party Gaming also offers a wide range of online gambling services offering games such as Poker online, casino, bingo and sports facilities.

He has, among others, an internet poker room, online casino, bingo, such as foxy, cheeky and; Sports bookmakers, including and, a website for playing backgammon and website with an extensive financial offer of

The company also grants the software and services to third parties as part of the Business-to-Business offer. It operates in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and the Asia and the Pacific region.

Partygaming games offer

Partygaming vending machines use some of the largest and most recognized names in the world, terms, products, works, or associations as motives. An example of a single -armed online bandit party gaming belonging to this category is Godfather ("Godfather") and Gone by The Wind ("passed away with the wind").

The Partygaming platform also offers a wide range of many other games, such as Hot spot vending machines. One of the latest updates is the live games section. Players can enjoy interactive live playing in the three most popular table games in the world: they are roulette, blackjack and bakarat, all thanks to advanced video streaming technology.

In addition to live games, Partygaming also provides many virtual table games with 3D slot games. Their selection of video poker is varied and includes some of the most unique variants we've ever seen.

In general, the Partygaming platform is solid and offers surprisingly high quality, while the games themselves are not only based on popular motifs, they are also very refined and are characterized by excellent playability.

Below we present a list of the most interesting Games from Partygaming in our opinion:

  • The Naked Gun
  • Resident Evil
  • Rambo
  • Top Gun
  • The Terminator
  • The War of the Worlds
  • Saturday Night Fever
  • Bangkok Nights
  • Doctor Love
  • Legend of Zeus
  • Mission: Impossible.

Added to this are games using the progressive prize pool, i.e. the popular Jackpot. The most interesting and offering the highest winnings from them include:

  • Gold Mega
  • Lucky Chest
  • Cash Flash
  • Caribbean Poker
  • The Big One Colossal Cash
  • Gold Quick.

Of course, these are not all noteworthy titles, but only a small fragment of them. In our opinion, video slots based on known and valued cinema hits, legends or other types of stories are particularly interesting.

They present high quality, contain a lot of attractions in the form of hidden bonuses, additional games, free spins and most importantly - they provide excellent impressions from the game and the ability to repair your financial status.

Free Partygaming gambling games

It is worth emphasizing at this point that, unlike most competitive suppliers, virtually everyone can play a single -armed bandit Partygaming in the free version.

In addition to the Live Casino section, the overwhelming number of available game titles is available, which is also offered in the free version.

This is an excellent option that allows you to train your chosen game or check your own skills and understand the importance of all important systems - i.e., for example, Wilds and Scatters, how to activate hidden additional spins or bonus games.

This approach really deserves appreciation, especially since free Partygaming gambling games do not require logging in to the casino or setting up an account.

You can just search for the game you are interested in, for example fruit vending machines, and then start it and play it - without any restrictions or difficulties.

Cell Partygaming machines - Basic information

Due to its many years of experience in the industry, Partygaming knows perfectly well what the latest trends look like, in many cases it even created them. Therefore, the popularity of mobile devices is not a surprise for her.

In general, online casinos using Partygaming technologies allow players to play in two ways: via dedicated client software to download from a casino or using a web browser with support for Adobe Flash or HTML5 technology.

As is usually the case with casino platforms, such as in the case of the discussed Software suppliers, Instant Play Version Verse Machines in the Instant Play mobile allow you to start them faster, but playing in mobile devices is slightly less convenient due to the need to start a browser and log in to the casino.

Fortunately, players have the opportunity to try both versions and switch to any of them according to their preferences.

Download mobile software operates on both the most popular platforms, i.e. on devices with Android and iOS operating systems. There are no differences between them either in terms of graphic design or functionality.

Summary of Partygaming reviews

The biggest of the Partygaming offer is the use of a wide range of popular and perfectly recognizable motifs. Such moves simply perfectly improve the impressions of the game, and that's what it is all about, isn't that?

A big should also be saved by the high quality of the games offered, a well -refined offer of all kinds of bonuses and bonuses offered in games, as well as following new products and setting trends.

In our opinion, Partygaming is simply a crucial for the success of the industry software supplier for online casinos.

Partygaming vending machines - basic information about the manufacturer