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Prohibition arcade game He talks about the 20s in America, when prohibition was introduced, hence the title of this game. It is worth admitting that the idea for this game was very interesting, not everyone would think that time without alcohol can be a good idea for a flight, but Evoplay, the Producer Prohibition, confirms that you can really create an interesting machine based on such a topic.

If you want to try Prohibition for free, you'll find this game on our website. You won't even pay a penny for it, and you can learn all the functions and symbols of this game. Decide yourself if you want to go to the version for money later. In addition, it is prohibition without logging in to get to this gambling We do not require any data from you, so you remain completely anonymous.

Features of the PROHIbition game machine

Prohibition automat is a video game, it is well -made graphically, all items move when they are drawn in the cluster. This slot has a classic 5 drums, and 3 rows of symbols. The minimum rate you can set is 0.1, and the maximum is 500, it is a large discrepancy, which is an advantage. RTP Prohibition is 94.5%, which is an acceptable result.

Prohibition demo, as well as a paid version have many interesting functions. This is, among others, two bonus rounds, free spins, as well as Wild and Scatter. It is thanks to them that you have a chance for more money. The game is also equipped with an autoplay option, which accelerates the game if you are planning a longer game.

Wins in Prohibition

Below we will discuss all the symbols that can be found in the prohibition game and show their value. They are all related to the topic and are well made, so you won't be bored.

  • The ashtray with a cigar is worth at least 0.2 x player's rate, you will get the most for 5 symbols, exactly 2.5 x rate.
  • A box with alcohol will give you a maximum of 5 x rate and at least 0.3 x rate.
  • A handbag with a gun will increase your funds by 0.5 x rate and 7.5 x rate for 5 symbols.
  • The book with alcohol guarantees 0.8 x rate, and can give up to 15 x rate.
  • A man with a pistol gives a maximum of 25 x stake and a minimum of 1.5 x rate.
  • A drinking man will grant you 50 x stakes and at least 2 x stakes.
  • The singing woman pays 100 x rate and at least 2.5 x rate.
  • Alcohol in a bottle, which is also a scatter, will give you a 5 x rate for 3 symbols and 50 x rate for 5 bottles.

Dishibition slot machines

If you want to play Prohibition for real money, you need to pay attention to all buttons, especially those regarding the plant and winning lines. All of them are at the bottom of the screen. The large button at the bottom starts the game, it is also the Autoplay button. The button on the left maximally contains all information about the slot, including bonuses and symbols.

Everyone has a chance to win in Prohibition. However, you need a good plan on how to dispose of your money and transform them into factories. You can learn this thanks to the free version, in which you can experiment as you want. So we encourage you to use the demo version, this will prepare you for the version for real money.

Bonusy Prohibition

Prohibition Online has some interesting bonuses that you would certainly like to use. Scatter, i.e. a bottle with alcohol, makes you get 20 completely free spins. During this round you can get additional spins, just get alcohol again. When you come across clusters depicting a purse with a gun, a new pistol appears at the top of the screen each time.

If you collect 10 of them, you will be moved to the bonus round where you choose bottles and these give you extra points. The next bonus round is to find alcohol hidden in different places. Unfortunately, after opening some barrels of the round may end. The game is also equipped with a Wild symbol and an additional round after the spinnings, where you can win a winner of winnings.

Prohibition Slot - our opinion

Prohibition is a slot that talks about an interesting topic regarding prohibition in the United States. It is nicely made graphically, and the music moves the player to the 30s of the last century. On the journey you are accompanied by a beautiful woman in a red dress. Get ready for interesting symbols and a multitude of bonuses that you can get at every step.

Prohibition without registration can be found on our website, we specially provide this slot so that you can train your skills on it. Prohibition without a deposit means that we will never ask you for any money, even to use our own. Turn on the game, play how much you want and gain experience.

Prohibition game details

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