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Free Red Lady slot machines belong to the group of games like classic inserts. The producer of this title is Novomatic, so it should not be surprising, as this manufacturer is famous for releasing high -quality gambling games. It is no different in the case of Red Lady. The game is kept in pirate climates, at the outset we are greeted by a beautiful pirate ship with the characteristic Jolly Roger on the mast, and the symbolism and general graphic design of this online game Red Lady machines together with nice animations clearly tells us what theme we are dealing with.

Play Red Lady because it's worth it. Here are the reasons

Free Red Lady game without registration is a great product characteristic of Novomatic. It uses the same interface as many other games and similar mechanics. Many game features are also repeated, so if you have already had the opportunity to play in the online casino in the products of this Austrian manufacturer, you will quickly feel at home. Here are the most important details of Red Lady:

  • Red Lady slot machines without logging in have five drums and 10 active withdrawal lines.
  • The screen houses a total of 15 symbols, in three rows of five.
  • The minimum plant is 1 euros (playing for 1 line for one coin)
  • The maximum rate for a single spin is an unbelievable even 1,000 coins, so by playing 10 lines you can put up to 10,000 coins. Considering that in the game the value of the coin per 1 euro is stiffly set, it means that you can shoot drums for 10,000 euros - this is really real money that will certainly encourage players playing high rates.
  • Download the game for free and start playing as you like - on a desktop computer or a mobile phone.
  • The symbol Scatter in this game is the Golden Compass. If you hit at least three of them somewhere on the screen, the reward is free spins of 10 pieces.
  • After activating free spins, a new symbol may appear, which is also a compass, but larger and more effective. He acts as a "large" Wild, i.e. he can cover up to three places adjacent to each other on the same drum. If a combination arises in this way, the player receives the appropriate prize.
  • The Red Lady game is available for free download, which is a great option to start the game.
  • The Wild symbol is also a compass, which also serves as Scatter.
  • Red Lady gaming machines are characterized by a RTP (Return to Player) ratio of 95.10%, which is quite a good result that ranks this title slightly above the market average.
  • A download on the Android phone in Google Store is available, but you should keep in mind that you will not find this game for iOS or Windows Phone. So don't be fooled and don't download it from some unknown websites and don't install on your iPhone.

How much can you win by playing Red Lady?

Red Lady, having great opinions among players, allows you to play really high rates, which also translates into the amount of winnings. In general, the amounts paid by the machine are really impressive. Let's start with the highest numbers, assuming that we are playing at the highest rate:

  • One -armed bandit Red Lady allows you to win up to 5,000,000 (yes, 5 million) euros, if you hit the drums of 5 symbols of a woman in a pirate hat. 4 symbols are worth 1,000,000, three symbols are a win of 100,000 coins, and 2 symbols - 10,000.
  • The second place on the list of the highest rewarded symbols belongs to the compass (Wilda and Scatter) and the pirate ship. The prize for 5 symbols is in both cases 2,000,000 coins. For 4 Wilda you will win 200,000, for 4 ships of 400,000 coins. For 3 Wilda, the prize will be 20,000 coins, and for 3 ships 40,000 coins. Two ships also mean a prize of 5,000 coins.
  • The parrot and crossed pistols are a prize of 750,000 coins for 5 symbols, 100,000 for 4 symbols, 30,000 for 3 symbols and 5,000 for 2 symbols.
  • There are also card symbols, which are worth 150,000 coins for 5 pieces, 40,000 for 4 symbols and 5,000 coins for 3 equal cards.

If you liked this game based on our description, it's free gambling You can find on Red Lady machines on our website. They are available completely without any restrictions, also for players from Australia, as well as the whole world. You don't have to log in or register, you also don't have to pay money to the game. You just choose the title you are interested in, click it and that's all. Just play Red Lady for free as long as you like.

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