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Robots: Energy Conflict - free game machine

Robots: Energy Conflict gambling He takes every player to an amazing journey through the skies. You are in the middle of a completely unknown planet with other rules. Meet strange characters that are in the middle of the conflict and be careful not to be shot by accident. Fighting robots will help you get a big win.

If this introduction sounds interesting to you, you can be tempted to check the robots: Energy Conflict for free. This is most possible on our website. We don't demand a penny from you to try your hand at this game. Check Robots: Energy Conflict without registration, because we do not require our players to create any account. Keep your information and just enjoy the game.

Basic features of robots: Energy Conflict

Robots: Energy Conflict Slot for real money It is an amazing game, which, however, is so simple and standard that even beginners can freely use it. This is confirmed by 5 drums and 3 rows of symbols. In addition, the slot is equipped with 25 winning lines, which should be enough to win something interesting. RTP of the game is 96%, so it is as standard. In this case, the variance is average towards Wysoka.

The presented game has several interesting functions. One of them is the presence of the Wild symbol, which helps in winnings. You can also get a few during the game free spins and expect help from mysterious characters. Use the autoplay function if you are focused on longer gameplay.

Won Robots: Energy Conflict

Robots: Energy Conflict Game Automat can make you leave with additional means. How much you get or lose them depends on what combinations you draw. To bring you this subject closer, below we place all symbols with their values.

  • Yellow and orange stone have the same values, and it is exactly 0.2 coins for a combination of 3 symbols and 2 coins for composed of 5.
  • Red stone offers an identical fee for a minimum combination, and for 5 symbols gives the player 3 coins.
  • The purple stone works in a similar way with the difference that as many as 5 coins can be obtained for the maximum number of symbols.
  • The robot ball guarantees at least 1 coin, and if you manage to get 5 symbols in the cluster, you will be awarded 8 coins.
  • The robot with a ball in the middle also distributes 1 coin for 3 symbols and 15 coins for their maximum number.
  • The robot with an eye does not change the minimum payment, but raises up to 30 coins.
  • The closed spacecraft pays 2 coins for 3 symbols and 100 coins for 5 symbols in the cluster. The Wild symbol also works in the same way.

Robots: Energy Conflict - basic rules

Robots: Energy Conflict game may seem a bit complicated at the beginning because of the presence of various characters and stones, but in fact understanding its rules will take you only a few minutes. It is best to focus on the most important button in the middle, and this is the Start button. It can also be used as Auto Play, just press it twice.

On the left you have a BET button, and you can manipulate the value with the help of and minus. Learn more about it from the "I" button, in which all the information you should know before starting to play. The presented game has a fairly high variance, so you can't expect to win every spin. It may take a while before you draw something valuable, but it's worth waiting for it.

Bonuses for playing robots: Energy Conflict

Robots: Energy Conflict Demo and its version for money, both have the same bonuses. They are very interesting in this slot, because we have not seen any of them yet.

During the game there are 3 characters who help the player win as much as possible. If you draw them, something interesting is happening.

  • V.E.i shoots symbols up to 7 times, and the shot turns into Wildy.
  • Fatboy, in turn, changes the symbols to Wilda on two random drums.
  • The last figure of B.E. and shoots twice, and the shot symbols become sticky Wilds.

However, they have an opponent who can thwart all these plans. There is also normal Wildy in the game.

Try robots: Energy Conflict for free

Robots: Energy Conflict online gambling game It is an amazing game in which you can observe a great conflict between robots. At some moments you get the impression that you are watching an action movie with robots in the lead role. Graphically, the slot is presented interestingly, modern models of robots and various opponents can be seen. In turn, the musical path warms up to fight.

You may not know yet, but on our website you can try to play robots: Energy Conflict without a deposit. You don't have to pay anything to see what this game is about. Robots: Energy Conflict without logging in does not require any data from you. Go to the site, choose the game and don't waste time.

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