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Roulette 3D from Isoftbet is based on European roulette principles with one zero. This gives the player a better chance of winning than in the case of American roulette with two zeros.

Roulette is an attractive game because it combines the unpredictability of gambling - we bet on it on what issue and/or color the ball will fall out - with the possibility of laying various strategies to minimize the risk of losing.

Be sure to try your hand at Roulette 3D, which is available on our website for free!

Roulette 3D - Details of the game

Roulette 3D is graphically refined. The spinning wheel is designed in 3D technology and gives the impression that we are standing right next to it. In turn, we have a bird's eye view on the table. And two betting options. One is specific numbers and lines on the table, the other is a board that highlights ready sets of numbers for placing the plants. Whether we decide what to bet ourselves, whether we rely on ready strategies depends only on us.

The game itself is extremely simple. First, choose the height of the plant - the tokens are at the right at the top of the screen. The minimum plant is 0.1 and the maximum plant:

  • For one number: 10
  • For one line (between 2 numbers): 20
  • Between four numbers: 40
  • For a single 12: 125
  • For one column: 125
  • For color, 18 and even/odd: 250

We can also put the plant simultaneously on 2 out of 3 twelve and 2 out of 3 columns.

How to win in Roulette 3D?

A table game of European roulette has many possible strategies and combinations. Roulette 3D has a great facilitation for new players: ready -made plants, which we can freely choose and gradually learn how to arrange them and what are the possibilities. Thanks to this, you can easily learn different ways to bet and learn which of them are the most profitable. And although online roulette is a game based on randomness, the manufacturer gives what chances the player has by using specific systems:

  • Straight Up: 35:1
  • Split: 17:1
  • Split 0: 17:1
  • Street: 11:1
  • Trio: 11:1
  • Corner: 8:1
  • Top line: 8:1
  • Six line: 5:1
  • Column, dozen: 2: 1
  • Color: 1: 1
  • Even/odd: 1: 1
  • First half and second half: 1: 1

As you can see, there are systems in which the player has minimal chances of winning, and there are also those in which the competition with the casino is aligned. It is wisely combined, e.g. put on a specific color and number (it can be in the same or different color), or on color and one of the columns.

It is good not to base your game only on bets with a little chance of winning. We also recommend changing and trying various game strategies. The player should also pay attention to how his winnings are the amounts he put. Wins, which are smaller than the betting, still set the player in the minus.

It is best to try to make the won at the level of the bet, and the ideal situation is when they are always higher.


The player's chances of winning are even if he focuses on color or even numbers - then he has a 50% chance of winning the bet. Other combinations, depending on our choice, can also be very risky.

A big of the game are ready strategies, which new players can easily use. The downside is the lack of explanation in the instructions of specific systems, so that inexperienced player can have a problem with the assessment they are just choosing.

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