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European roulette is undoubtedly the most popular type of this fun in the world. Considering the history of the queen's development random games, you can't be surprised. It was the European version that was the basis for all modifications and variations that can be found in casinos around the world. Therefore, every person interested in roulette should meet European Roulette gra from Evoplay. This is an extremely interesting application that presents the best in this game in an easy and pleasant way.

The company responsible for preparing the program undertook a difficult task of transferring technically advanced gameplay to the digital version and presenting all this on one screen. I must admit that the task has been successful, and the European Roulette Roulette encourages further gameplay.

Anyone can have fun - regardless of the wealth of the wallet. Unlike roulette in casino A stationary or live version of the live application is available as European Roulette for free. Thanks to this, the user can thoroughly test all functions, possibilities and strategies - all without the slightest risk. A large pool of fictitious money is obtained to start. If the funds were over, it is enough to simply restart the application and it will return to the initial state.

As everyone is controlled by algorithms, the user will not see a real dealer in this game. He plays the role of the host here and is responsible for placing the plants, turning the wheel to roulette and receiving a win. All the rest is a random numbers generator, which is responsible for the displayed results always random.

Cechy European Roulette

Despite the fact that roulette is considered one of the most advanced random games, the European Roulette online has been very neatly packed on one window. In this way, the player does not have to switch between the table with the plants to the roulette wheel, because he watches everything from one point.

The game is operated with a few buttons in the lower right corner of the screen. There was also a place for a side field with plants, which is widely known as "Speedway". In turn, in the upper right corner, fields are displayed that have been drawn in the last five parts. In this way, the player is able to easily become familiar with all the possibilities that the European Roulette gambling provides and take care of what is pleasant.

The plants are bet on the classic table. On one field you can put tokens worth from 0.1 to 50. In turn, when choosing external plants, these frames are significantly spreading and, for example, for colors, the minimum and maximum plant is successively 1 and 500. European Roulette online game online also has several additional optionsthat significantly facilitate fun. The interface buttons responsible for:

  • cleaning the current plant,
  • repetition of the previous plant,
  • doubling current plants,
  • Withdrawal of previous movement on the table to the plants.

In this way, a person can develop their optimal plant and repeat it without a requirement to re -set stacks with tokens. The creators were very important that their application was as easiest as possible and it must be admitted that the task was successful. The game can of course be classified as European Roulette European (this should not be subject to any doubt). Therefore, the game has a standard RTP variation at an impressive level of 97.3%. After properly mastering the game, you can be sure that you always have a very high chance of winning.

European Roulette Roulette How to play?

Using Evoplay software should not cause any problems to anyone. The creators have prepared a solidly designed application, which neatly presents all available fun options. However, before you get to the game, it is worth getting acquainted with the types of plants that the European Roulette European provides. Types of betting possibilities have been properly presented on the table with fields. They can be divided into inside (betting in the fields and between them) and Outside (offering many fields at the same time).

Internal plants

Single field Betting on a specific field with a 36: 1 win payment.
Two fields Putting between two fields with a 17: 1 win payment.
The line Establishment of a horizontal line (three fields) with a 11: 1 win payment.
Corner I bet four fields by putting a token in their corner with a 8: 1 win payment.
Double line Establishing two horizontal lines with a 5: 1 win payment.

External plants

Tuzins Simultaneous betting of 12 fields with a 2: 1 win payment.
Field Simultaneous betting of half of the fields with a 1: 1 win payment.
Colors Establishing all fields with a given color with a 1: 1 win payment.
Even odd Establishing all even or odd fields with a 1: 1 win payment.

Standard gameplay at the European Roulette Casino takes place as follows:

  1. Activation online games.
  2. Choosing a plant - placing tokens in the fields corresponding to specific plants.
  3. Clicking the button responsible for the draw and observing the result. The game will automatically convert and grant a possible win.
  4. Then the player can repeat the previous bet or return to the first point and go again through the above scheme with changed types.

Dozens of extremely interesting roulette gameplay strategies have been developed over the past decades. Due to the fact that the European variation is the most common, virtually all of them perfectly fit into its principles. That is why it is worth getting acquainted with the most popular of them, try them in the European Roulette version without a deposit, and then try happiness in the game seriously.


European roulette is the first kind of fun that every person starting their adventure with table games should learn. Evoplay took this advanced fun to the workshop and tried to create it in the most easily possible way. The result is the European Roulette - a game that shows all the complexity of roulette on one screen with just a few buttons for service. The creators gave up additional options that could unnecessarily increase the complexity of roulette and managed to give away a comfortable, multiplatform roulette.

The game is still available in two versions: European Roulette Demo or for real money. Just search for the application in the Casino library and turn on in the right form. It all depends on the player and his preferences. The game automatically adapts to a used device, so you can always have it with you to relax with several parts.

We recommend using the opportunities offered by European Roulette from Evoplay. The game meets all the basic assumptions of the game and presents this in the most easily possible way. If someone seemed to be a roulette for him, with the help of this software he will definitely change their minds. Learning to use is a few moments, and the potential for the fun it provides is practically unlimited.