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The Roulette Diamond online machine from the Quickfire manufacturer is based on European roulette. Is it Rousse With one zero and this is the prototype of American roulette known overseas.

The advantage of European roulette is one 0 - because it is a field that always provides casino win. Its double amount in American roulette further reduces players' chances.

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Roulette Diamond - Details of the game

Graphics in Roulette Diamond in the foreground shows the fields where we set up factories. Only behind them we see a spinning circle. On the left there is the story of the plants in which the numbers we draw. Numbers are displayed yellow black, in green zero, and red in red.

It gives us a certain picture of the frequency of the drawn color, which, however, should not decide our plants, because here the chances are always 1: 1.

To start, you need to put plants with the right height in the fields of your choice. The lowest plant that we can bet on the field is 0.25. As for the maximum heights of the plants, they differ depending on the place where we want to erect the plant. And so the maximum plant on:

  • One field is 125
  • One column 87
  • One dozen: 875
  • First or second half: 1,000
  • Even or odd: 1,000
  • Color: 1,000

Of course, we cannot put one plant on both colors or all columns. When we set the selected plant, press the spin. The plant can be easily doubled using the Double button. To withdraw the last placed token, press Undo, and to give up the entire Clear plant.

How to win in Roulette Diamond?

Play in European roulette using various betting techniques. The basic division of plants is internal and external. Internal plants include:

  • A plant for a single number
  • Plant on 4 numbers at once (i.e. Corner)
  • Plant on the line (two numbers)

In turn, external plants are:

  • The plant for a dozen (i.e. on 12 numbers at once - the game has three such fields)
  • Factory in half (i.e. on 1-18 or 19-36)
  • Factory in color: red or black
  • The plant for the column (the game is divided into 3 columns)

In the case of color and half, we can only focus on one of them. What does it mean? We cannot make a plant at the same time for red and black, or for all numbers at once. However, because there are as many as 3 columns and 3 dozens in the game, in this case we can put on 2 out of 3 to choose from.

Of course, we can mix factories. We can simultaneously put on the central column, black, number 14, Corner Cyfra 2, 3, 6, 5, even numbers and the first and third dozen. However, whether it is worth erecting such plants depends on the amount of winning.

With the system we proposed and all the above plants erected with a value of 5 - the total plant is 35. We drew the number 4 in black and the win was 35. which means going to zero. This is not the worst solution, but is it profitable in the long run?

Therefore, during the game, we recommend changing the strategy and check which of them is more profitable and which is better not to use.


Contrary to appearances, the player's chances are not bad. They range from 35: 1 (with betting on one number) to 1: 1 (e.g. when betting on color). Therefore, players can interchangeably risk interesting settings and return to more certain strategies.

The Roulette Diamond table game is also the possibility of changing colors, which is a big . It is located under the Change Table button, thanks to which we can easily adjust the appearance that suits us.

The downside of the game is that it does not block contradictory plants immediately, but allows you to bet on tokens. It is only when trying to approve the plant that it informs that it is impossible to implement. What for players not intended with rules can be frustrating.

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