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Roulette Diamond from the 1 × 2 gaming manufacturer is a modern style roulette. If you are bored with classic roulettes and are looking for something innovative, with an interesting twist during the Roulette Diamond game can be a response to your needs.

In its basis, it is based on European roulette, because it has only one 0. However, its arrangement and way of playing are definitely different from this world -famous roulette.

Do you want to try your hand at this modern roulette, but you don't want to risk your money? On our website you can play Roulette Diamond completely free!

Roulette Diamond - Details of the game

Roulette Diamond graphics differ significantly from what we know from other roulettes - both online and stationary. First of all, the table layout is different. There is also no turning circle on which the dealer throws a ball.

In Roulette Diamond we have two boards that look very similar.

The central board is a table on which the balls will move and on which we can simultaneously erect bets. The system of numbers is visually resembled the appearance of the diamond. We can wear not only standard plants, such as color or horizontal columns, but we can also mark the communism along and across. Each of them also differs in its length (as the numbers are not located in uniform rows), which gives us the diverse capabilities of the plants.

We can also put the plants on a quarter of a diamond timetable, thanks to 4 yellow buttons, located in four corners of this casino game.

The second board is, in turn, ready, grouped numbers plants, e.g. 1-2; 1-5; 1-20; 29-30 etc.

Another difference is the number of balls thrown at once. During one plant, we can throw a few balls at once, which roll around the board.

How to win in Roulette Diamond?

The Roulette Diamond casino game gives us much greater possibilities of various factories, which, however, is also associated with much more difficult to remember maximum limits. Fortunately, in the menu we can check the heights of the plants under the slogan: Max Stokes. There are a lot of them, so below we will only mention a few sample factor limits:

  • Color: 1,000
  • 10 numbers: 500
  • Corner: 200
  • Quarter: 500
  • Diagonal: 250

How to win in Roulette Diamond? Because its rules are more complicated, we encourage you to test various solutions and regularly change the game strategy. It is good to start with the plant limits to start with, because the game unfortunately knocks up to the tokens everywhere - but it reports a mistake at the plant only at the time of their approval. And although we can withdraw any single plant thanks to the Clear Single Bets button, it can be hard for us to find this wrong.

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The Roulette Diamond table game is a response to the demand for modern games. It also diversifies the principles of ordinary European roulette, making it even more exciting.

The downside of the game, however, may be that at the very beginning it seems incomprehensible. A completely different appearance, new types of bets can scare away players accustomed to old rules. However, if we spend a moment to understand them, we will not only get additional strategy possibilities, but also a chance to throw several balls at once during one plant. What in online roulette is unusual.

If you want to see if you like Roulette Diamond or you want to look for other games - be sure to review our offer. We have a lot to choose from free gambling gamesthat do not require registration or deposit.