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The Roulette Royal table game was created by the manufacturer Amatic. This is a typical European roulette with a small, interesting twist.

European roulette was invented by Pascal, who created her fascinated by the principles of probability. Rousse It quickly appeared in casinos, with delicate changes. To increase their chances, casinos in Europe added to numbers 0, which always wins for the casino. When the roulette went to the ocean to the USA, another zero was added to her - thus the roulette with two zeros is called American roulette.

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Roulette Royal - Details of the game

Graphics in Roulette Royal Online is a look at the table turning a bird's flight wheel. Thanks to this, the player sees exactly what is happening on the table and where the ball thrown by the dealer lands.

As for the appearance of the table, we have two versions to choose from. Classic, with the arrangement of numbers in a rectangle divided into twelve, colors and columns and so -called racing version.

Its name came from what it looks like - it resembles a racing track. The track layout also gives completely different possibilities of placing plants, thanks to which the variants of various combinations increase.

Interestingly, we can also put plants from the racetrack from the perspective of view to the usual table. The buttons located on the left can be allowed:

  • Serie 5/8
  • Big series
  • Plain orphans
  • Horse orphans
  • Zero game

This is useful because we cannot put the plant on color or columns from the racing table view.

The maximum plants on the table are:

  • To number: 1,000
  • Split: 2,000
  • Street: 3,000
  • Corner: 4,000
  • Six line: 6,000
  • Column dozen: 12,000
  • High / low Even / odd Color: 18,000

In turn, the lowest possible plant that we can build is: 50

How to win in Roulette Royal?

Casino gameAnd Roulette Royal gives interesting possibilities - because the game does not block contradictory factories. So you can put both black and red. When asked whether the height of the set up will be worth uploaded, players must answer themselves when testing the game. During our tests at such a plant, it fell twice 0 (casino win) and the player's win, which was the same as the bet.

So when we bet on the whole table, we went out in the minus.

So how do you play to win? First of all, the game displays recently drawn numbers and on this basis we can try to predict the probability of drawing the next ones. It is also good to test the systems from both the traditional and racing table, because they give unlimited possibilities of gameplay and regular change of approach.


The player has a lot of chances to win in Roulette Royal, because the game does not block the overwhelming bets and we can easily cover the whole table with them. The height of the plant, however, is not adequate to win in this case, so we definitely recommend not using this method. Because although it gives satisfaction, when we hear about winning every time - this is how it is lower (possibly equal to). What finally comes down to losing money by players.

A big of the game is maintaining the classic of European roulette, and at the same time expanding the company's capabilities to include the racing table. This gives many interesting combinations during the game.

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