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Roulette Silver has been designed for the online platform by the ISOFTBET manufacturer. It is completely modeled on a well -known European roulette with one zero.

It will appeal to those who like to play the most classic versions of their favorite ground games. European roulette was invented by Pascal fascinated by the probability account. An interesting fact is that the sum of all numbers is 666, which is why PO calls it by the game of Satan.

On our website you will find a free version of Roulette Silver, which you can test without any risk!

Roulette Silver - Details of the game

Roulette Silver graphics, from other classic RollTek Online It differs in color. While most are presented on green tables, the leitmotif of this casino game It is dark blue. Which positively affects the appearance of the game, because all lines and numbers perfectly affect this color and do not tire your eyes.

To start the game, we must choose the height of the plant. We can choose tokens: 0.10, 0.50, 1, 5, 10. The plants we can put up are very classic:

  • Number - max. Plant 10
  • 2 numbers (line) - max. Plant 20
  • Corner (4 numbers) - max. Plant 40
  • Column - max. Plant 125
  • Dozen - max. Plant 125
  • 1-18 / 19-36-max. Plant 250
  • Even-non-Pepress-max. Plant 250
  • Color - max. Plant 250

The same minimum plant applies everywhere: 0.10

Games we will set up a bet we can choose or give it up through the Cancel Bet button (cancels only a single, the bet we indicate) or Cancel All (cancels all the betting). If we are satisfied with our selection, click the spin to approve the plant and let the crunch throw a ball.

After the plant, we can: resume the game on an identical plant through the button: Rebet and Spin, which will repeat the plant and immediately approve it. If we want to repeat the plant, but not confirm it automatically, click Last Bet. Then the last layout will appear on the table, but we will have the opportunity to introduce additional modifications before approval.

After the plant, the SPIN and New Game buttons will also appear - which at the moment means exactly the same. The table is cleaned from the plants and we can put up completely new.

How to win in Roulette Silver?

The Roulette Silver table game does not allow bets for the entire table through contradictory plants. What does it mean in practice? We cannot put on all columns or both colors. This does not mean, however, that we are in a losing position. First of all, if we really want to, we can put on the whole table by mixing internal and external plants.

In addition, depending on the strategy we adopted, the probability of winning is significantly changing:

  • Numer 35:1
  • 2 numbers 17: 1
  • Corner (4 numbers) 8: 1
  • Column 2: 1
  • Dozen 2: 1
  • 1-18 / 19-36 1:1
  • Even-non-pepper 1: 1
  • Color 1: 1

As you can see, in 3 cases we have a 50% chance to win. Of course, none of the systems gives us a guarantee, but it is a good suggestion to which systems to give higher factories, and at which it is better not to risk high rates, because the chances of hitting are small.


Does the game have a minus? If we are looking for a variety for the roulette known for us, then in Roulette Silver we will not find it. On the other hand, if we dream about feeling the atmosphere of a classic casino, the smell of cigars and watching the circle twisted by the croupier, then there is no better title to choose from.

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