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Roulette VIP is an online version of the popular European roulette. A characteristic feature of this roulette is one zero (unlike American roulette, which has two zero). This roulette was created by the popular ISOFTBET manufacturer.

European roulette was founded in 1645 thanks to Blaise Pascal, who created it on the basis of probability rights. Fascinated by this topic, he probably did not suspect that he was just creating one of the most popular gambling games in the world. However, this is not the moment of roulette at all - the ancient Greeks have already played in its original versions.

Roulette VIP has its name for a reason, because the plants are high. Worthy of real VIPs. Do you want to feel like them? Try your hand at the free version available on our website!

Roulette VIP - Details of the game

The appearance of the Roulette VIP game does not differ from what we know from other versions of roulette. A distinctive feature is really the color of the table. As a rule, in roulette games, green dominates, in roulette for VIPs we have purple, associated with luxury.

Another detail that distinguishes this roulette is the height of the plants. As a rule, the smallest plant is 0.10 or 0.50 - but not here. This is a version for people who have a lot of money and are not afraid to lose them. The lowest possible plant in Roulette VIP is: 25.

It is true that to choose from three: 5, 25 and 50 - the lowest 5 is used only to add to the other two tokens. She can't be placed anywhere.

What do maximum bets look like in turn?

  • For one number: 50
  • For two numbers (line): 100
  • Corner (for four numbers): 250
  • For a column: 250
  • Color: 250
  • For a dozen: 250

It might seem that the high entry threshold for placing plants will equal to extremely high maximum limits, but these are preserved within quite reasonable limits. However, this does not change the fact that by putting maximum plants in several systems at once, we can easily exceed the value of tokens of 1,000.

How to start the game? It's very simple: first we choose the height of the plant and focus on selected numbers. Fortunately, Roulette VIP immediately blocks the plants impossible to put (too low or contradictory), thanks to which he even wears players quickly find themselves in the prevailing rules.

If the betting does not suit us, we can change them thanks to the buttons: Cancel Bet or Cancel All. The first one is responsible for the cancellation of one selected plant, the second automatically cancels all.

To confirm the plant, click the spin. Because the resolution of the plant can be renewed with automatic confirmation (Rebet & Spin), simply recreate the system of without approval (Last Bet) or arrange everything again (New Game).

How to win in Roulette VIP?

What to do to win? Unfortunately, even in ruletce online based on mathematical probability, there is no strategies. However, some plants have a better chance of success than others - and be well aware of this. Thanks to this, we can consciously risk or play more safely. The probability of winning is:

  • For one number - 35: 1
  • For two numbers - 17: 1
  • Corner (for four numbers) - 8: 1
  • For a column - 2: 1
  • Color - 1: 1
  • On a dozen - 2: 1

This knowledge will allow us to play a reasonable game without unnecessary risk.


An experienced player has a good chance of winning. The game gives RTP with a height of 97.30%. However, it should be remembered that even such high chances do not change that it is casino game - based on happiness and randomness. In one day we can win a lot and lose a lot in the next. The probability only determines our chances, does not guarantee winnings.

A huge of Roulette VIP is its classic. It is an excellent reproduction of European ground roulette. Those who love are in this pure form will be delighted. The downside, however, is the high entry threshold to the plants - not every player can afford it.

Fortunately, on our website you can try your hand at this and others gambling games completely free! We do not require registration or login. You find your favorite game and run it from the web browser position. That's all!