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Royal Dynasty Free game machines are one of the numerous products known and valued by players around the world from Novomatic based in Austria. Threading games of this manufacturer are characteristic due to the use of well -proven solutions, which always translates into a very legible interface (similar to many other games of this manufacturer) and an extremely exciting game. What to write here, virtually all Novomatic products collect enthusiastic opinions among players from around the world, Royal Dynasty in this respect is no exception. Download this game from the Internet and you'll find out for yourself.

What is interesting to the Royal Dynasty?

The free Royal Dynasty game without registration allows the player to enter the wonderful world of the royal court. The game now looks for its years, but despite the quite poor graphic design, it still retains all its advantages, i.e. the dynamics of the game and numerous winnings.

In general, the single -armed bandit Royal Dynasty is a classic slot machine with five drums and 9 withdrawal lines. The drums use symbols that associate clearly with the Royal Court - among them we have, for example, gold coins and valuables, as well as the king, the queen, prince and princess. Do not take classic card symbols, without which no game from Novomatic can do without, and which you can play at an online casino around the world.

The most important information about the Royal Dynasty game

Royal Dynasty games machines are essentially a very simple gambling games, so even beginner players will not have any problems with quickly mastering the rules. But if you don't feel too confidently in terms of online gambling, you can always find a different solution. Just play Royal Dynasty for Free on our website, which will allow you to master all the secrets of this title, and then you can go back to playing for real money and winning high winnings.

And what else does Royal Dynasty offer?

  • Five drums, 9 active withdrawal lines.
  • Scattter symbols, but there are no Wilds.
  • Scatters are the princess and the prince. Each combination covering at least three scatters launches a bonus game.
  • Each combination winning with the king causes a doubling of winnings.
  • Unfortunately, the download on Android phone is not available, you have to play using a web browser (the game is made in flash technology). So don't be fooled by the pages offering this game to download.
  • The bonus game launched with three scatters is simply free spins. Depending on the number and type of scatters, there may be from 25 to 45. During them, the Scatter, who did not use free spins, will turn into a king and will multiply two times with two. Play this way, because you can win free spins many times, also during bonus rounds.
  • The minimum plant is 1 euros per line, while the maximum is 225 euros (25 euros per line X 9 lines).

How much do Royal Dynasty automation games do without logging in?

It's time to go to winnings, because in the end you play a throwing games, isn't it? Here is a short list of available winnings:

  • The highest scoring symbols are the king, princess and prince. Winning for 5 such symbols is 20,000 coins. The king pays 2,400 coins for 4 symbols, and for 3,400, while the prince and princess 1,000 and 200 coins for 4 and 3 symbols, respectively.
  • Other symbols mean a win of 200 to 600 coins for 5 symbols - but if you hit a combination with the king, you will receive a double value of this amount!

And it is roughly everything that would be worth knowing about the game online Royal Dynasty. As we mentioned, this is a really simple game. But this does not mean that it is weak, quite the opposite. It provides a lot of emotions, and the gameplay itself is very dynamic. You can find out about it yourself by playing, for example, in free gambling games On Royal Dynasty vending machines, which we offer on our website. They are available without any restrictions, without logging in or registration, for players from all parts of the world, also from Australia. See for yourself how much fun they can give you, especially since they are available for free!

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