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If you are looking for a solid fruit, you just found it. Sevens is a very interesting game in online casino, which is at the same time simple, which is why it is most recommended for beginners. Thanks to this machine, they can easily get to know the slots from the inside out, it is a typical example of a slot where you can learn to play very well. The machine was prepared by Be Be Be Be Be Be Beon, a small company preparing very good games. So you get ready for an unforgettable experience.

The motif of this slot, like virtually every fruit, are fruits. It is interesting that Sevens has several language versions, so you can choose the one you like the most. The slot is quite graphically simple and his music heats up to fight. We recommend using the machine on our website. It is made available completely free, so everyone has the opportunity to check how they could manage for real money.

Sevens are sys ––Spemas.

Sevens is a very classic fruit, so he won't be surprised that he has only 3 drums. In addition, 3 rows of symbols make the slot mesh look 3 x 3. The game has 5 winning lines, they are all marked in the rules of the game. At the beginning, finding rules can be a bit difficult. Choose a button that looks like 3 equivalent lines. Then on the right find the "i" stamp and only there you will find a description of all symbols, bonuses and winning lines.

On the right side of the screen, there is a green Start button under the net, he starts the Sevens game. Immediately under it, a car is shining in pink, thanks to which you can save yourself a lot of energy. The next window from the left is the last win. Then you can operate the plant and winning lines, all values can be changed with the help of "+" stamps-"-". All these options are in very visible places, so you won't have a problem to find anything, the slot is understandable. The game graphics are not the latest, but it looks good.

How to win in Sevens?

As in every fruit game, you can find fruit in Sevens. However, not only they reign in this game. You can also find traditional symbols that were used in the first vending machines. You are certainly wondering which of the symbols is worth the most. This is a triple "7", i.e. a number that brings happiness. Not only, however, "7" brings happiness, so we will describe all the symbols.

  • 777, as we have already mentioned, a symbol bringing the biggest win. Assuming that your rate is 10, i.e. it is minimal, you will get 600 coins for drawing three "777".
  • 7 also takes part in the game, do not mistake her with a triple "7". In this case, when you draw three symbols of this type, you will be awarded 400 coins.
  • Orange falls a little less than "7", because for three symbols in the cluster you will receive 200 coins.
  • Ringtones and plums are treated exactly the same, so for a cluster with one of these symbols you will get the same amount, and it is 160 coins.
  • Raspberry and a double bar symbol are also at the same level. Thanks to each of these symbols you will receive 80 coins.
  • Cherries and a single symbol bar are the least, so for the cluster with them you will get no more than 80 coins, which is exactly the same as for a raspberry and a double bar.

The hit of a good cluster may take a while, but do not be discouraged at the beginning. It is worth being patient and preparing well for the game. So train Sevens in a demo version, for which you don't have to pay anything. Then you will certainly be able to achieve what you dream about.

Bonusy Sevens

Due to the fact that Sevens to classic game, you can expect her bonuses to be classic. And this is true, because one of the additional functions is gamble. It consists in the fact that after each win you have the chance to double your sum. There is a deck of cards in front of you, and you have to choose whether the next exposed card will be red or black.

The risk is that if you do not guess, the whole sum is lost. Another bonus is a game very similar to gamble. It is also activated after winning. You see an exposed card on the screen. You must choose one of 4 covered cards. If it is higher than the unveiled one, you win.

Is it worth playing in Sevens?

Sevens Slot will appeal to all people who want to move in time and see what one of the first fruit looked like. The slot is intuitive and even a beginner can play it. The disadvantage may be the lack of special symbols of the Wild and Scatter type, but this should not interfere with people looking for classic entertainment. We invite you to familiarize yourself with free online gambling games on our website.

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