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The topics of a happy seven are one of the themes in free gambling gamej. also knows the Swintt, which created a slot tailored to the classic in the internet version. Golden seven, bars and fruit invite you to try happiness! Thanks to our review, we introduce you from the theoretical side to the rules of the game, but we also leave no illusions: in Seventy Seven without registration and no deposit You should turn off without obligations. We provide a demo version and we invite you to get to know the game from our perspective.

Characteristics Seventy Seven

This slot called Seventy Seven comes from the SWINTT manufacturer and is one of the classic options among video slots for online gambling. Here we will play on a board containing 5 drums arranged on three rows. The number of 10 winning lines is constant here and they count from the left, right and the center. At Seventy Seven arcade game It allows us to choose automatic playback. The minimum plant is 10 loans and the maximum 10,000. The average percentage of return for the player that the manufacturer provides is 96.71%. In this slot, entertainment is complemented by the presence of a distracting symbol, Scatter.

Details and rules Seventy Seven

Fruit machinewhich we present is extremely intuitive. On a purple background, there are drums with symbols in the center of our attention. Before each game, although it seems simple, but you should familiarize yourself with the rules and, what is important, set the bet on the bet on Spin. In Seventy Seven, all settings are in the lower right corner of the page under the three -line button. We will find there in turn:

  • Game rules, That is a detailed description of the game, its functions, buttons and additional options, such as Scattera, etc.
  • Paytable, i.e. payment table. Depending on the set up, it gives the appropriate symbol values from 3 to five the same on the winning line.
  • Paylines, So a place where you will see what the layout of all ten winning lines looks like.
  • Options, in which you will find rate settings, autoplays, risk games or sound.

We will go back to the game from the settings with a left -handed green arrow. Before you press the spin (rotating arrows on the right side of the drums), you can check your balance at the inscription Coins, as well as the stake of the plant under Bet.

We have prepared the table below to bring the value of the winnings closer. It contains information about individual symbols, starting from the most valuable. Classically in Seventy Seven Online, winnings fall from 3 to five the same symbols.

Payment table at the plant of 100 loans
Symbol CC kch Dirt
Seven 500 5 000 50 000
Rings, gold bar 300 1 500 5 000
Scatter (Golden Star) 200 1 000 5 000
Orange, lemon 150 500 2 000
Cherry, plum 100 250 1 500

Remember that the special Seventy Seven function is that the lines do not count only from the left, but also from the inside and from the right. This makes the slot really attractive!

What additional awards do Seventy Seven contains?

In addition to the function described above, which increases the number of combinations won, in this machine we will also find Full Table, So the highest win after drawing the symbol 77 in all places. The game also contains the SCATTER option, i.e. a distributed symbol, which gives us a win regardless of the drawn line drawn. It is also highly scored as in the winning table. Seventy Seven Automat also allows us to play the risk of the game, which works as follows:

  • The player determines whether the option appears after each win, or only after a specific win ceiling ("Risk" option in the menu).
  • When the win is rained, two cards appear on the screen: black and red.
  • The player has a chance to guess the color of the covered card. In the case of a correct response, the win is doubled. Otherwise we are leaving nothing!

If you want to try the game, we invite you to the demonstration version. When you are ready, we suggest where play for real money w Seventy Seven.

Online casino, which Sevent Seven offers

The goal of gambling is to win real money, so after preparing in the game demo some players decide to put on a real bet and try their luck in playing money. It is important to choose a casino with a license, such as, for example Vulkan Bet website website. A few facts about this site:

  1. It has many payment methods, including traditional and modern electronic wallets.
  2. In addition to Seventy Seven, it provides a very wide range of assortments.
  3. It is adapted to Australian players.
  4. Requires registration for playing for real money.

In this article, we only illuminated only a few of the most important details of online casino. You can find more detailed license information in a separate article.

Sposób on Seven Seven

Who said that experienced players do not use tricks to increase their effectiveness? There are several elements of a good strategy in gambling.

  1. First of all, we are used for this purpose test versions of the game, such as Seventy Seven Demo, where we learn its secrets and train various tactical movements.
  2. Secondly, we check how additional gamble options work. If the game also has other modes, it is worth trying several times on them.
  3. Thirdly, we encourage you to bet on low factories, where you can turn more times for a specific budget.

Ready to put the strategy into life? We invite you to test Seventy Seven without obligations with us!

Seventy Seven from anywhere

Nowadays, the game on the internet is suited to players so much that we will play from every device: laptop, phone or tablet. The condition on our part is having a smartphone or iPhone. The quality of graphics, good impressions and untouched resolution is guarded by the manufacturer's HTML5 technology, which does not require downloading any applications from us or Flash Player.


The Seventy Seven game is one of the proposals that fulfill their basic goal: they provide entertainment on the drums on the web. Perhaps this is not a slot that we admire for originality or sophisticated bonuses, however, we appreciate RTP and simplicity, thanks to which there is a chance to hunt the winning combination. For these reasons, we invite you to try the test version and release your own verdict on the production of Seventy Seven!

Seventy seven game details

Free spins:
Symbol Wild:
Winning lines:
Min. Number of tokens on Spin:
Symbol Scatter:
Bonus game:
Max. Number of tokens on Spin:
Autoplay option:


Is Seventy Seven available for free?

Yes. In Seventy Seven you will play without obligations on our website.

Does Seventy Seven offer free spins?

In the default version of Seventy Seven there is no additional round of free spins.

Is there an option to win real money in Seventy Seven?

Yes. To do this, you should win the full -size version available at one of the online casinos.

Does Seventy Seven require download to play?

Not. The version of the game is available straight from the page without having to download it to the device.