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Free game machines Spinderella is a really interesting position in the portfolio of the Austrian producer, known and liked by all lovers of casino gambling, Novomatic. It is a classic slot machine based on Cinderella's motif (Cinderella - this is where the quite cleverly created name of the game comes from). This game is available for free, so you can easily test it without having to incur any expenses. Just play Spinderella and see for yourself if you like it and why this game has such excellent opinions.

Basic information about the online game Spinderella machine

As we have already mentioned above, this Novomatic product is a classic single -armed bandit Spinderella. He uses five drums and 20 active withdrawal lines. It is characterized by a very nice graphic design and a good sound. The graphics in the game, i.e. the background and symbols refer to the fairy tale about Cinderella - but this is not kept in bland, candy colors, but quite subdued. In general, the game looks really good.

It's time to take a closer look at the game itself and what it offers. Here are the basic features of the free Spinderella game without registration:

  • The minimum plant in Spinderella is 2 euros (2 coins worth 1 euros per line).
  • The maximum bet in Spinderella is unusually high for a slot game without a progressive prize pool. A maximum of 500 coins can be placed on the line. Since the 1 coin has a value of 1 euro, and the game has 20 lines, how easy it is to count, you can put up to 10,000 euros on a maximum of a single spin! This is naturally translating to winnings.
  • Of course, Spinderella games use symbols such as Wild and Scatter. Wilds in this game are the symbols of Cinderella (Spinderelli), which replace all other symbols, except for the fairy - the godfather. An additional role of the Wilds is to multiply won by up to 10x if you hit at least 3 of them on the active withdrawal line.
  • The symbol of the scatter they use free gambling games There is a fairy on Spinderella vending machines - a godmother. A combination of 3, 4 or 5 scatters means a reward that are free spins. After hitting such a system, turn off the drums, which will allow you to know the number of free turns - you can win up to 50 free spins at one time. In addition, the Wild symbol will appear on one drum, which will be there until the end of free drum turns. He also increases the winner to 10x.
  • Download this game to your computer, the desktop version is more effective and refined from a slightly impoverished version for web browsers.
  • The Gamble option is also available (characterizing all Novomatic throwing games), which includes all wins up to the amount equivalent to 500 times the bet.
  • The RTP coefficient for Spinderella is 95.17%.
  • An Android download option is available, you can find the right item in the Google Store. However, do not be fooled and do not download Spinderelli from any other websites on your phone.

How much can you win in the Spinderella game?

Of course, every player who is a lover of slot machines is most interested in the table of winnings, i.e. the amounts that await the lucky ones. Play Spinderella for free, because you have to admit that the wins in this product are really impressive. Below are the most important information on the amount of prizes in Spinderelli, assuming that we are playing at a maximum rate of 500 euros (i.e. 500 coins for each spin):

  • Wildy, or Cinderella symbols, are the highest. For 5 symbols you can win an impressive EUR 5,000,000, for 4 symbols of EUR 250,000, for 3 scatters the prize is 50,000 euros, and 2 symbols are worth 5,000 euros.
  • The symbols of the prince are in second place in terms of the amount of winnings - the prize is 250,000 coins, 62,500 coins, 10,000 and 1,000 coins, respectively.
  • Another place on the list is a castle. 5 symbols are worth 125,000 coins, 4 is 50,000 coins, 2 is 10,000 coins, and 2 symbols are a win of 1,000 coins.
  • The above three symbols are the only ones for which the prize is awarded for two symbols in combination. All others must be on at least three drums.
  • The carriage is worth 100,000 coins for 5 symbols, respectively, 25,000 for 4 and 5,000 for 3 symbols.
  • Fruits and a slipper give the same win, i.e. 75,000 for 5 symbols, 20,000 for 4 and 5,000 for three symbols.
  • Card symbols are the lowest, for each of them the prize is the same and amounts to 25,000 coins, 7,500 and 2,500 coins, respectively.

As you can see from the above list, a standard combination of symbols can reward you with an amount of EUR 5 million, and this is already real money - but if you hit it in the round of free spins with a 10x multiplier ... count yourself!

Games of the Spinderella machine without logging in is a really great proposition to spend a nice afternoon with an incredible chance of enriching. However, if you do not want to play the online casino immediately for real money, you can first get to know this game and its rules with us, for free. Just click on the selected title and play without any obstacles as you like! We also allow access to our games from Australia - there are really no restrictions with us!

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