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Supra Hot is popular single -armed bandit with fruit On the drums, released by Novomatic on August 26, 2015. In this short time, the game machine spread in online casinos, which most often offers the opportunity to play both for real money and for free. You can also try Supra Hot on this website for free without having to pass a time -consuming registration process. It is also not surprising that in the game released 5 years ago, you can play on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Supra Hot - game description

A fairly innovative mechanism was introduced at the Supra Hot Novomatic, based on the use of 4-thumbs. For most games, 3 drums or 5 drums are standard, but you can rarely meet arcade game with 4 drums. However, as it turns out, the use of 4 drums can be the main advantage of Supra Hot. In addition, the developer predicted as many as 25 winning lines, hence the gameplay is dynamic and a lot happens on the monitor screen. The graphic design and the soundtrack are typical for games of this type, but it cannot be said that it stands out with something special. It is similar with the game mechanism. On the drums of the machines we will see popular symbols such as cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, symbols of bar, stars and seven. Traditionally, the biggest wins are provided by seven, while the lowest cherries. The game does not have many special functions. There is no symbol of Wild or Scatter here, but players stayed at the gamble/risk function.

How to win in Supra Hot?

Before turning the drums, the plant should be brought. The goal is to arrange the same symbols in the winning line. The win is the product of the multiplier rate and value resulting from the table (paytable). The lowest plant is 5, while the highest 500. Return indicator for Supra Hot is 95.20%, which is rather an average indicator when it comes to games of this type. In the lower left corner of the screen, the player sets the value of the plant, which will directly translate into the number of other plants (balance). Beginner players should get acquainted with the rules of the game before starting it, to avoid any misunderstandings. When we click on the question mark, the player will find out how winning lines are constructed and how much individual combinations are worth.

Bonusy Supra Hot

The game has several special functions. Noteworthy is the gamble option (risk). It consists in the fact that after hitting the winning system, the player can decide to transfer to another screen to properly discover the hidden card (black or red), if he succeeds, he doubles his win. Unfortunately, if the attempt fails, it will stay with anything.

Due to the fact that Supra Hot, as a rule, focused on tradition, i.e. fruit on the drums, which is why players will not meet with complicated mechanisms, such as the Wild Card symbol (Wild), the symbols of Scatter, thanks to which we will win Free turnover or other innovations found in modern games. For this reason, Supra Hot has its lovers rather in the group of conservative players who do not like flashy games with numerous, complex functions and unbearable sounds. Regardless of this, Supra Hot is an interesting position, made at a solid level, which can still provide great winnings, and thus huge emotions.

Supra Hot - our rating

Supra Hot from Novomatic is an interesting position provided rather for less demanding players. Neither the average return factor nor the lack of jackpot encourages players focused on high profits. The graphics are carefully made, but does not stand out with anything special. Advantage free gambling games There is transparency of the rules and an intuitive interface, hence it should be recommended primarily to beginner players.

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