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Syndicate slot online

Syndicate game will certainly remind you of several other games, including GTA. Syndicate is about luxury and money. So if you get these two things, you can sleep peacefully. This is a mysterious game in which you have the opportunity to meet a group of people, and each of these heroes is completely different. It's best to check for yourself what you can find in Syndicate, because it is a very interesting experience.

People who want to play in Online automatically Syndicate without logging in, they can do it on our website. We provide this slot and much more so that players can see themselves and check what games are worth attention. In addition, the game is available in the Syndicate without deposit. We don't need any money so that you can easily play this slot. Remember, however, that in this way you can not win real money either.

Syndicate Slot - Main functions

Syndicate automat to gambling with 5 drums and, interestingly, with 4 rows of symbols. In the case of winning lines, something interesting is happening because they were not officially defined by the manufacturer Evoplay. It all depends on the number of symbols on the screen, and various combinations can be as many as 1024. The minimum plant that you can introduce in the game is 0.1 of a given currency. If you like larger amounts, you can choose a maximum of 500 of a given currency.

By playing in Syndicate, you can expect many attractions. You will see Wildy there, many different scatters, whose drawing leads to free spins and much more. In addition, you can use the autoplay function in the game. The RTP of the game looks very good, it is exactly 95.20%. Variability in this game is very high.

Syndicate - Payment table

Syndicate demo and the money version are equipped with exactly the same symbols. However, only thanks to the second version will you win real money. Syndicate is equipped with many symbols, so be careful not to get lost in them all. We will help you find in them thanks to the following list.

  • The gun, knife, bomb and lighter are gadgets that have exactly the same values. For 3 of them you will get 0.1 coins, and for the maximum number of prize will be 0.3 coins.
  • The wallet and fly are gadgets that do not offer more in the case of a minimum number of symbols, but for 5 symbols on the screen you will get 0.4 coins.
  • A man in a green shirt also does not raise the minimum rate, but for 5 symbols the player gets a whole coin.
  • A man with dreadlocks and a girl with a pistol keep 0.1 for 3 symbols and pay 1.2 for 5 symbols.
  • The girl with a stick for 5 symbols pays 1.5 coins, the minimum rate unchanged.
  • The man in the hat also does not raise the minimum rate, for 5 symbols he pays 2 coins, which is the same as a man with a raised hand, only that in his case the minimum rate rises to 0.2 coins.
  • A man with a knife and a girl with glasses pay a maximum of 2.5 coins, but in the case of a girl you will slightly get 0.1 coins and a man 0.2.
  • A man improving the collar pays as many as 5 coins for 5 symbols and 0.2 coins for 3.

How to win in Syndicate?

Syndicate the game automatic is a highly variable slot. This means that you will have to wait for winning. There may be a lot of spins until you draw something good. So you have to be patient with these types of slots and not give up the game quickly.

Using the game is not very complicated, just follow what is happening on the screen. A large, round button will serve you as running drums. You can always use the autoplay function. If you want to set up a bet, you just have to operate with a and a downside at BET. We recommend getting acquainted with the information in the "i" button, because there you can learn all the details about the presented game.

Bonuses and promotions in Syndicate

Syndicate online is undoubtedly not a boring game, and this is because it is equipped with several bonuses. First of all, when you manage to draw a combination, you get a free respect as a gift, and the symbols joining in a combination stay on the screen as sticky. Thanks to this, you can get a lot more withdrawals.

Symbols Scatter, i.e. three bosses, are able to run Free spins, and you need 8 one type on the screen. The boss who allowed you to win will appear in the Free Spin round. Ordinary Wild also operates in the game.

Syndicate Slot - our opinion

Syndicate is a very interesting game that deals with skirmishes between different groups of people. The game mechanism has been shown in an interesting way. The game stands out significantly from others on the market, so it's worth trying it. You can find Syndicate for free on our website. You don't have to pay anything to check how you can play it. If you want to go to Syndicate for real money, you can do it in a real casino. On our website you have the opportunity to play Syndicate without registration, because unlike casinos, we do not need your data.

Syndicate game details

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