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casino game TENS OR BETTER was created by the manufacturer ISOFTBET. If its name reminds you of another card game: Jacks or Better, then the association is most in place. TENS OR BETTER has exactly the same rules - with the difference that the lowest possible pair for collecting are jokers and dozens.

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TENS OR BETTER - Details of the game

TENS OR BETTER is a game that is easy to understand even to beginner players. All possible systems and winning height are displayed in the table visible above.

To start the game, set the height of the plant in the lower left corner. Then you can choose the Auto Play option and how many times the game is to be automatically done. However, Auto Play deprives us of the pleasure of deciding what cards we can stop. Because TENS or Better is based on the principles of selected poker, so it gives us the opportunity to replace the cards, hoping and collecting the appropriate configuration.

After setting the height of the plant, Collect and GO. Cards appear in front of us. At this point, we can choose which of them we want to stop, and which one to replace (this does not have to be done on individual cards, we can as well stop all and replace them all).

If we have a winning system, the table is highlighted what we collected and how much we won. The ability to play an additional gamble game is also launched after the winning ones.

An additional Gamble game is simply a choice of a higher card from the one that the dealer holds. If it succeeds, our last win is enlarged. If not, he is completely lost. Gamble game can be completed by us if we want to collect the win. It ends automatically after losing or after 5 winnings.

TENS OR BETTER has very simple graphics that reflects the screen of the game machine. Thanks to this, it does not distract and gives the impression of playing a real stationary machine.

How to win in Ties or Better?

Although TENS or Better qualifies winning the machine, in his case it is necessary to know the appropriate card systems. Because we decide what cards and what we mention, we must have knowledge that allows us to recognize what we got from the dealer.

There are:

  • Royal poker (Royal Flush) - arranging cards from ASA to 10 in the same color
  • Poker (Straight Flush) - arranging five cards in order, in the same color
  • Caret (Four of A Kind) - these are four cards of the same value
  • Full House - a system consisting of three and steam
  • Color (FLUSH) - these are five cards of the same color (no matter what your value)
  • Strit (Straight) - five cards of the following, but at least one of them must be in a different color.
  • Three (Three of A Kind) - three cards of the same value.
  • Two pairs (two pairs) - a system consisting of two different pairs of cards of the same value.
  • Dozens or better (TENS or Better) - the title arrangement in which one pair wins, provided that the cards are 10 or more.

Card systems are not complicated and are easy to remember, so even new players should easily learn to evaluate the received cards and replace them accordingly.


Thanks to the possibility of choosing cards, the player has a better chance of winning - because here not only the randomness of selected systems decides, but also a skillful assessment of the situation. The more experience we have, the greater our chances in the game.

However, like any gambling game, the stroke of happiness is also important here. Even the most experienced players can still go to the hands that cannot be won.

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