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Habanero is unlikely to need to be introduced to any fan gambling games for real money. One of its most interesting products, and at the same time characterized by extremely simple rules and high playability, is an online game released in 2018 entitled Three Card Poker. Today we spread it for you into prime factors so that you can find out if it is worth playing it seriously and if you like it. We invite you to read our review today.

Of course, as we usually do, we also supplement our article with the three card version Poker demo, which will allow you to get to know this game in practice without having to spend a penny. You can play it so that you get to know her rules and gain experience that you will later be useful when you want to play your own Internet casino. Or you can simply have fun playing the free version of three card poker without any obligations on any device - a desktop computer, a laptop or a mobile phone, or a tablet.

Technical specifications of three card poker

We had the premiere of Three Card Poker online in September 2018, since then this title has gained considerable recognition among players, even despite the typically for Habanero company not very effective graphic design. Well, to be honest this game looks like released about 20 years ago. Nevertheless, this should not discourage you, because it is really successful and interestingly thought out production. It is characterized by an RTP coefficient of 97.99% and is the most classic of the possible poker for three cards with which you play with a virtual crumb. Here he does not compete with other players.

An interesting feature of this game is that it does not have the theoretical limit of the plant. You can put here from one coin up, and the only limitation of the amount for the next hand is your balance. It is also worth paying attention to two additional options, which are the 6 Card Bonus (i.e. the win provided by specific systems based on six cards - three of yours and three roles) and Pair Plus (special plant for a system covering at least a pair). This is how the table of wins for each type of plant available in this game.

Type of card system ANTE Pair Plus 6 Card Bonus
Royal poker 5 40 1 000
Ordinary poker 5 30 200
trains โ€“ โ€“ 50
Full (three + couple) โ€“ โ€“ 25
Color โ€“ 4 20
Straight 1 5 10
Troika 4 โ€“ 5
For โ€“ 1 โ€“

Three card poker - how to play?

After starting Casino games There will be something on the screen that looks like a fairly age -old website. Admittedly, it will not throw you on your knees with graphics, but it has some important advantages. Three card poker game will work great on any device, even if it is a very free and old tablet or phone. All because its simple graphic translates simultaneously into the lack of any performance requirements!

The most important two fields are marked with an orange border. The upper of them is ante, in which you set the amount of the basic plant for the next hand. You can change the values using the top and bottom buttons, or simply enter the appropriate amount by hand. Then press the Deal button on the right to start the next round. You will then receive three cards. At this point, rate their strength and choose one of the two available options:

  • Play, which means that you want to play - but this is associated with adding another bet of the same value as ante.
  • Fold, i.e. the location of cards on the table and submitting the game.

If you have chosen the Play option, the game will evaluate your cards and pay you the appropriate winnings, if you have obviously defeated the dealer. However, if you choose additional factories, regardless of whether you have covered the dealer cards or not, your hand will be evaluated and if you have obtained the appropriate card layout (respectively six for 6 card bonus and three for Pair Plus), then three card poker online will pay out You win with the right value.

Also note that the Enable Advice option is available. If you have marked it, then Three Card Poker will tell you the optimal step you should take at the moment. This is a valuable tip for beginner players.

Three Card Poker - play without logging in

We are convinced that three card poker free video poker will appeal to even those fans of online gambling games who have never played any card games before. It is simply a very addictive title with simple rules, which is able to make a lot of emotions even the most beginner players, but not forgetting experienced video poker lovers. Despite the not very thrilling graphic design, we think that the Three Card Poker online game is an outstanding position in the Habanero portfolio, which every player should learn more!


Where can I find a demo version of the Three Card Poker game?

Look, for example, at the offer of our website. A special version of the Three Card Poker game without a deposit is available on it, which you can play as much as you want, because we do not apply any restrictions on playing it. It is available always, everywhere and for every player, regardless of the device he intends to use.

Are there any interesting additions in the Three Card Poker game?

Not. This is a simple poker game based on three cards, so there are no non -standard solutions in it. Well, unless we consider such interesting options for additional plants, such as Pair Plus or 6 Card Bonus. But if you don't take into account them, there is no special functions in the Three Card Poker for free.

Can you get rich by playing in the Three Card Poker?

It depends on what your goal is. Three card poker internet is not a slot machine, in which even hundreds of thousands of coins are available at once, but a video poker - and therefore a game about fixed multiplier wins for each specific combination of cards. Nevertheless, the winnings available here are really attractive.

Do you need to install on a three card poker before playing?

There is no such need, as the Three Card Poker Casino is a game made in modern HTML5 and JavaScript technology. Thanks to this, it works like a typical internet application under the control of a web browser, ensuring full compatibility with mobile devices regardless of their specific parameters.