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The topic of our today's article is gambling titled Three Card Poker and being a product not very well known to a wide range of online gambling fans from Bally Gaming. This video poker was released in 2016 and gained considerable recognition among advanced players in games in this category due to a simple interface, dynamic gameplay and high playability combined with attractive winnings. Today you will learn everything that is worth knowing about this game if you want to devote a few moments to reading our review, of course!

But you don't have to limit yourself to reading. You can also get to know this game in practice. We have specially prepared for you three card poker demo, which you can play without any restrictions and apocus. You do not have to click on our ads, sign up to our newsletter, make a payment of money to our website, provide us with personal data, register with us, or do anything else to unlock access to this game.

With us you can play a three card without a deposit and without any limits. All you have to do is run this game and you can have fun playing the next rounds and winning virtual tokens (because it is just a game based on virtual coins, and not on real money - that's why we say that it's Three Card Poker for free). You can also get to know the exact rules of poker video in practice, gain experience, practice various strategies and, above all, have fun!

Technical specifications of three card poker

As you certainly realized by the title, the Three Card Poker Online is a video poker based on three cards. So this is the simplest possible variety of poker video, which, however, does not mean that it is boring, primitive or not addictive. The reality is exactly the opposite - three cards translate into a very simple (though quite extensive) rules and the effect of this state of affairs is extremely dynamic gameplay. It is enough to mention that one round lasts about one second!

For one hand, you can put a minimum rate of one token, and the maximum amount to bet has no upper limit - in fact the only important limit is your balance! In addition, we do not have any other additional functions here - in fact, not counting the options for creating plants (ante, 6 card bonus and pair ) and statistics, we will not find any additional options or special functions affecting the quality or course of the game. Three card poker online casino game It is really very simple and deprived of all unnecessary ornaments and fountains, which translates into incredible dynamics and playability. Noteworthy are the types of plants that translate into different wins.

Name of the card system in hand Ante plant PAIR Plus plant Plant 6 Card Bonus
Royal poker 5 40 1 000
Ordinary poker 5 30 200
trains 50
Full (three + couple) 25
Color 4 20
Straight 1 5 10
Troika 4 5
For 1

So let's carefully choose the options you want to put in mind the above table of winnings. Details related to individual types of bets for Three Card Poker online games will be discussed in the next point.

Three card poker poker how to play?

When you click the Three Card Poker Casino icon and wait a few seconds to load this game, you will see a light green, uniform background on the screen and seemingly quite chaotically different elements scattered on it. But as soon as you play this title for a while, you will quickly realize that this interface and the game design makes a lot of sense, as you have all the most important elements at hand in this way and you don't have to look for them every now and then on the screen. This is how the Three Card Poker Internet has a simple interface covering elements such as:

  • Balance, gameplay statistics and winning table for three types of plants located in the column on the left.
  • The dealer cards with a description - the upper part of the game screen was intended for them.
  • Three card poker free for player cards has allocated the right part of the game window.
  • The middle part is occupied by four plants control icons.

Such a bit of an unusual arrangement is dictated by the fact that playing in a video of a poker based on three cards, the player basically focuses on the bets rather than on the cards themselves. Of course, we mean the rate and activation and deactivation of individual options for plants. And how do you play three card poker at all? In fact, this is a very simple task. First, choose the bet you are interested in.

ANTE The main option is the Ante plant, which should be put on each game.
Pair Plus The second option is an additional plant called Pair Plus. This is an interesting option that provides wins whenever the player gets a couple (regardless of the result of the whole game, i.e. comparison with the dealer cards) or wins the hand.
6 Card Bonus The third special plant is 6 Card Bonus. Here we have an interesting matter, because not only player cards, but also a dealer are taken into account to resolve this plant. The game simply chooses the most powerful five -card from the 6 cards available (3 player and 3 dealer), and then pays the appropriate reward according to the table.

Now click the Deal button. Three card poker online will give you three cards. Evaluate their quality and choose one of two options - Play, i.e. checking the dealer or fold cards, i.e. submission to the hand. Of course, choosing the Fold option means losing your existing rate, and clicking on the Play button. Placing the next rate on the table and comparing your cards with Krupier cards. Are there any strategies for this game? Unfortunately, not, because it is too simple to work - but we suggest using the 6 card bonus option to beginner players, as a solution that significantly increases the attractiveness of the game!

Three Card Poker - free game

We are sure that as soon as you play in the Three Card Poker for the first time, you will be delighted with the playability that this title provides us. Bally Gaming really stood up to the challenge, because although this game does not look impressive at first glance, its playability is so high that you will undoubtedly spend many hours playing in three cards, unable to just break away from this title . We strongly encourage you to do so in online casinos!