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Play Trip To The Future, a taxi -themed slot. Evoplay always approaches the creation of his own very creatively gambling games. In this case, the main character in the machine is a taxi driver who, as the title says, goes to the future. All symbols and bonuses are associated with taxis and what is in them.

On our website you can play Trip to the Future for free. We place here a demo version, which is completely free, so if you want to train, try here. In addition, you can play Trip To The Future without registration, because the account on our website is not required. Just enjoy the game.

Basic features Trip to the Future

Trip to the future game is equipped with 5 drums and 4 rows, so 20 symbols may appear on the screen. There are as many as 40 winning lines, which is a very good result. RTP 96% is on the border defining good quality Slot onlinewho gives players most of the money. The minimum plant in the machine is 0.1 of a given currency, and the maximum amount can be 500 of a given currency.

Trip To The Future Automat has everything you can expect in a good machine. You will find in it Wild symbols and an autoplay function that will speed up the game. In addition, you can also win free spins, and they are associated with combinations. If you are lucky, you will meet many more additional bonuses.

Trip To The Future - Payment table

Trip to the future online is full of interesting symbols that are associated with the taxi motif. The machine always pays a win for at least 3 symbols in combination and a maximum of 5 symbols. Below you will learn exactly what symbols function in the game and what their values are.

  • 10, J and Q form one large group in which the player can win a minimum of 0.1 coins. You will get a maximum of 2 coins for combinations with these symbols.
  • A and K is a group that offers a little more. 3 symbols give 0.2 coins, and clusters with 5 symbols are a 3 -coin win.
  • The dog and the taxi driver's chapter keybar pays 0.3 coins for 3 symbols in the appropriate combination and 7.5 coins for 5 symbols.
  • Car light and a taxi meter give players a maximum of 10 coins to anyone who draws 5 symbols in combination. For 3 symbols, the reward is 0.5 coins.
  • The taxi sign is the most valuable and therefore pays 1 coin for 3 symbols and 20 coins for a set of TAKSI characters.

Trip to the future - how to play?

You may think that Trip To The Future Demo is different from the paid version, but this is not true. Both versions are completely the same with the difference that you will find virtual money in the demo. It is worth choosing this version because you can learn to play on it and increase your chances of winning. You can also increase it by patiently trying what works and what is better to avoid.

Trip To The Future is generally very easy to operate a slot. In the middle it has a round button to start the drums. On its left you will find the ability to manipulate the plant, just choose a or minus. Before the game, be sure to press the "i" button in the middle. It presents information about winning lines, symbols and bonuses, and this is necessary to have a chance to win.

Bonusy Trip to the Future

Trip To The Future The Game Automat has some interesting bonuses, thanks to which players will not be bored during the game. One of them is free spins, and they appear when you win a combination. However, this is not as easy as you think, one combination will not provide you with free spins. On the right you have a special circle -shaped meter, and with each combination in a single spin the arrow moves up. In this way you can win from 5 to even 20 free spins.

During the rotation round for free, a special multiplier will appear on the screen, thanks to which each win will be multiplied up to 5x. The game also has an ordinary Wild symbol, and an unusual bonus with oncoming taxis, which make the symbols on a given drum disappear and appear completely new. A multiplier of winnings also appears randomly.

Review summary

The game presented by Evoplay will certainly appeal to many players because of the quality of workmanship and a very interesting idea. The slot will certainly make those who expect many bonuses, because there are quite a lot of them in this game. We remind you that on our website you will play Trip to the Future without logging in, you do not need any account for this purpose.

In addition, it is Trip to The Future without a deposit, at this stage you will not pay any money to play a few rounds. If you like the slot so much that you will want to play Trip To The Future for real money, you can do it in online casino.

Trip to the future details of the game

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