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Twerk - a free slot from Endorphina

Twerk is a slot game from the Endorphina manufacturer. As the name suggests, the subject of this game concerns the recently popular Twerk dance. Certainly, the manufacturer ultimately wanted to attract a male audience with this title. There is nothing to hide, certainly feminine buttocks in shorts will tempt some of the players. It is the buttocks in shorts that are the main symbolism in this game. The navigation itself is quite simple, click the appropriate speakers to choose the right options. They can be speakers responsible for raising the plant or for just starting the draw.

To start the game, click the SPIN speaker in the bottom right corner of the game screen.

Play today on our website completely free. Twerk online game is a slot game that is worth checking due to its originality.

Twerk Slot - Details of the game

Time to go to more details about this game. We have 3 battles and 3 rows. There are 5 winning lines, the quantities of which we cannot change. The player only affects the value of his plant.

Graphics is what Twerk attracts the game machine (mainly men because of the subject). The symbols are clear and move when the winning line is drawn. That's exactly how, when a few buttocks symbols are drawn in shorts or leggings, they begin to move to the rhythm of Twerk's dance.

The navigation is simply trivial. At the bottom of the screen we have all the options that interest us. The bottom right corner gives us the opportunity to automatically play and a single draw. On the left side of the screen we have a menu and the ability to increase the plant. And that's all you need to know about navigation, everything is simple and clear.

How to win in Twerk?

We know how to click the speaker to start the game. So what symbols do we have to draw to win as much as possible? We need to draw 3 symbols to win the desired prize, we also assume that we will bet on the lowest plant, i.e. 0.05:

  • The largest multiplier is provided by a woman in gold leggings with the inscription TWERK - we can count on a win of 5 loans.
  • Another symbol is a woman in golden shorts - winning is 1 loan.
  • The buttocks in kidnapped shorts give us a win of 0.5 loans.
  • 3 SCATTER symbols start the bonus round and give a win of 0.25 of the loan.
  • The buttocks in green shorts give a won multiplier of 0.2 loans.
  • The buttocks in blue shorts give us a win of 0.07 loans.
  • The buttocks in dark pink shorts mean a 0.05 loan for us.
  • The last are buttocks in black panties that give a 0.03 loan win.

Bonusy Twerk

After drawing 3 symbols, the scatter begins. We then receive some free spins that are given to us as part of a dance fight. Each such fight gives us 5 free spins. Unfortunately, there is a lack of wild cards in this game. It is also a pity that the game does not offer a free re-spine after drawing a specific combination of symbols. Some players may be sad because of this because re-spin is in a large number of slot games.

Is it time for Twerk?

RTP is set at 96%, so you can try your hand without losing all means so quickly. This is not the highest RTP value available in slots, but it certainly allows you to play for some time. What is the of Twerk? There is nothing to hide, certainly the graphic design at least for a certain group of the male community is attractive. What are the minuses? Certainly, the downside is the lack of wild cards and there is nothing to hide the quite limited gameplay, during which we only influence the value of our plant. We cannot modify the number of lines.

Is it worth playing? Yes of course! With us you can do it for free, without registration and no cash!

Twerk Details of the game

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