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Megajackpots Wheel of Fortune on Air for Darmo

Fortuna is rolling the wheel, and in the virtual reality of games we have proof of this in slocie online Megajackpots Wheel of Fortune on Air from IGT. Gambling players probably know the supplier because he creates good quality games. In this case, we are dealing with a classic slot transferred to the online world, where against a sky of stars full of stars you will turn off the title wheel of fortune in search of symbols from the world of prosperity: yachts, jeta, ferrari and the like.

The online version for online version is suitable for testing for free. You can do it on our website. If you do not want to play for real money right away, it is understandable and we invite you to check the Slota function available for free. To introduce you a bit of the rules, we have also created a description of Megajackpots Wheel of Fortune on Air in this review.

Megajackpots Wheel of Fortune on Air slot — opis gry

What it is characterized by gambling? First of all, let's start with its general characteristics. The graphic design is colorful and simple - on the left the player will find the title wheel of fortune, and the central part, of course, drums. In this slot, expect:

  • 5 drums;
  • 20 winning lines as a permanent feature;
  • JackPota;
  • Free spins;
  • Winning multiplier;
  • 15 symbol.

A lot of this, right? Although it seems that in a typical classic nothing will surprise you, there are a lot of playing. As befits an IGT, the functions of the game settings can be found at the bottom of the page, although the spin button is connected to the drums and is on the right side of the screen (yellow rotating arrow). How to find yourself in a slot? We translate:

  1. First, check the menu at the bottom of the page and set the bet in the Total Bet field. You will also see there, among others Number of coins.
  2. Along with setting the rate of the plant, the upper part of the game will show you at the same time the rate you bet and your balance ("Balance" field).
  3. Take a look at the rules of the game that are available in the blue field on the top on the right.
  4. Turn off!

How to win in Megajackpots Wheel of Fortune on Air?

Search for symbols on 20 winning lines. Before we get to the bonuses and all mega jackpot options, let's explain how there are as many as 15 in this version of the Fortuna Circle. We'll find the least scored card symbols from a breeze to ASA, while characteristic symbols, including Wild and Scatter will be more desirable in the game. How to look at the symbols? Here, from 3 to 5 the same symbols on the drums heralds the win. In the payment table we present the values of individual symbols.

Symbol CC kch Dirt
WAŁAT/ LADY/ KING 5 15/ 15/ 20 40/ 50/ 55
As 5 20 60
Ring/ Ferrari 10 30 90
Hunt 15 45 125
Plane 15 50 150
wild 30 60 600

Symbols, e.g. the maximum win and capture of 600 coins in a real game equivalent to 1200 euros. Let's add bonuses that are waiting for players and the options for multiplying the win, presented successively.

Bonusy Megajackpots Wheel of Fortune on Air

There are many pretext for bonuses.

  • Megajackpot - This is the title treasure of the slot from which you should start. This is one of the options located on the Fortune Circle. If the wheel tip stops in this field, the progressive jackpot is yours.
  • scatter (Golden wheel with the inscription Wheel of Fortune) - search for this symbol, because in the case of three or more it triggers a bonus round that can lead you to a progressive catch!

What does Scatter give you? Depending on its number, you can count on:

  1. Three scatters are three free re-spines.
  2. Four run the Super Wheel option.
  3. Five scatters are the option to lose Wheel.

The manufacturer ensures that the greater the winning rate and more scatters, the greater the chance of a megajackpot, and thus, the chance to break down Jackpot. In addition, be sure to look at the rules that are described in a detailed multiplier, Respin function and others, combining with the above functions, so that you have a multiplier up to 250x in Ultra Wheel.

Slot possibilities

In total, to give the image of all the possibilities that this slot has, we recommend trying entertainment. Despite the fact that this is not a game with 3D symbols, the ingenuity and building a huge number of combinations and bonuses deserve attention, which brilliantly combine and surprise. Play for free to find out what IgT has prepared in the form of a slot with megajackpot.

Wheel of fortune details of the game

Free spins:
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Winning lines:
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Symbol Scatter:
Bonus game:
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