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This time we describe for you an electrifying classic of the Gamomat brand from 2019, which invites you to turn the drums on online machine Win Blaster. This is a fruit in the subject of detonators, also the manufacturer introduces the user to tension - fortunately electric, not mental!

Simple rules and ease of navigation are the theme of the supplier, so without unnecessary tensions for the player, entertainment is practically guaranteed by itself. The most important thing is, of course, to hit the seven or twist tactically in such a way as to collect fruit on five lines. In addition, you can expect a few explosive symbols, the value of which you can check below.

Without unnecessary extension, let's get to the description fruit gamewhich you can try with us completely free. The game machine has a demo version available on our website, and we explain what is going on step by step.


Win Blaster is a gamomat production, which has what is most important to offer: on 5 lines and 3 drums in the 3 × 3 board configuration. Classic symbols await: fruit, happy seven and other.

  • Bottom: Here you will enter your settings: successively from the left you will find the orange Total Bet button, where you set up the plant. Next you will find information about the constant number of lines (5) lines and in the central part of the menu information about winning wines. Right next to it is also the Autoplay option, if you want the machine to work without your participation automatically. Of course, you can opt out of this option by clicking the button for the second time.
  • Spin: Press this button when you are ready for the first round of rotation. This is a green circle on the right side of the control panel.

What else can you adapt in gambling? For example, you have the turbospin option, thanks to which you will accelerate the speed of drums and the game goes on express.

How to win in Win Blaster?

Three and more of the same symbols are a win and you can expect these configurations horizontally and diagonally in Win Blaster. To check how to value symbols, you can look into the payment table, which is slightly hidden on the top of the page on the left (three dashes). Let's introduce a bit of the rules about the symbols. We have created a table for you, which from the highest presents how much the win is depending on the bet.

Symbol 3 The same
Seven 7 Small 200
Star x50
Bell x20
Plums and oranges x8
Lemon and cherries kch
Diamond x1

The manufacturer promises the percentage of the RTP player at 96.04, and the winning rules are simple. Look for the Wild pictogram, which will additionally replace other symbols and help you win.

Bonusy Win Blaster

How does the slot allow us to play in an electrifying way in an additional way? Here, every combination with Wild launches the winner of the win, which will multiply the win of 1 to 100x.

What's more, in Win Blaster you can expect additional gamble functions, such as card and ladder. What gives you the Gamble function? This is a truly gambling idea that makes you take a casino risk. In gamble with cards, you simply bet on which card will be exposed (black or red), while in the ladder you just click on the rung and if you can do it at the right time, you go to a higher level. This feature of the game allows you to multiply the win, but if you lose, you can stay with nothing.

On the other hand, in Win Blaster you can risk only half of your rate in Gamble, and then the risk is simply smaller, and you still have fun from gambling. It is worth knowing that to play gamble you need to have an autoplay function turned off.

Who is Win Blaster for?

They say that the key lies in simplicity and maybe this has allowed Win Blaster on the gambling market. Why did this slot have a chance to success on the Internet in the era of modern 3D games? It seems that in a world where sometimes it is difficult to keep up with new products, the simplest solutions are a good idea.

The gamomat has created a machine that does not stand out in terms of graphics from the modernized options of other games. Play the mobile version in HTML5 mode, which means you are not obliged to download anything on the phone or tablet. Win Blaster can be liked, but despite our assessment, the best is your own experience and player reception, which we encourage you to use the free version.

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