Poker rules

What is poker really?

Poker is one of the most exciting card games in the world. An interesting game mechanism and quite easy poker rules make many people decide to play. In poker, the game takes place only between players, the crunch or casino is not included in it. Traditionally, 5 cards are distributed to each player, and the goal is to draw the best combination, which we will talk about in a moment. It is worth knowing that there are many versions of poker, and this is due to great popularity around the world. So be prepared that you will not always have to deal with exactly the same game, the rules of the poker can be different. Everything may seem a bit overwhelming at the beginning, but don't worry, in this article we intend to discover all the secrets that poker hides, and you will learn how to play poker.

The history of poker

Many people may not know that the cradle of poker are the United States, his rules of the game were created. The game is not very old, because it was created in the nineteenth century. The exact place of this game is considered a new Orlean. From this place, poker set out on the tour all over America, where he was very well received. Of course, it was not without distorting the rules of the poker game, which basically came out for the current players for good. Thanks to the inventiveness of players from 200 years ago, today we can enjoy various variants of poker and its principles.

The biggest popularity of poker dates back to the 1970s, in which the first poker tournament called World Series of Poker took place. Players sat at the table, who are still considered to be the legends and poker masters today. One of them, namely Doyle Brunson later wrote a book in which he accurately describes the strategies of poker game and its rules. Many new players have used it to improve their results in the game. It contains a few answers to the question "Poker How to play to win?".

The popularity of the poker was still growing, it also began to be presented in movies and in series. In turn, in the 21st century, it became generally available due to the fact that they began to appear now well known to everyone online casinos. It is thanks to them that you don't even have to leave the house to be able to take part in an exciting game. Currently, poker tournaments are held regularly, also in Australia. We will say a little more about them later, and in the meantime let's get to what most people are interested in, i.e. all poker combinations. Some people are interested in poker undressed, but this is not about this article, because it is a prohibited version. You will not find a poker undressed in any self -respecting online or stationary casino, and the rules of this poker are not clear.

Poker combinations

As we have already mentioned to win, you need to draw the best or better combination than other players, these are the rules of playing poker. There are not many combinations, but we advise you to know them by heart, because you can save yourself ignorance and stress. Below we will try to describe all combinations as accurately as possible so that you can later recognize them during the game. You will also learn that it does not always create a combination in poker 5 cards. We put combinations from the lowest to the highest:

  • High card, or high card

High Card is the worst situation for the player because it means that he has no combination. It happens, however, that more than one person has no combination, so then you need to select the winner on the basis of a high card. If the player drew ASA, he automatically wins. However, when he is not the only person with AS, you also need to look at the next highest card and compare her with your opponent or opponents. Of course, the one whose card is higher wins, so say poker rules.

  • Pair, or couple

The couple means that you drew two identical cards among your cards. Sometimes it happens that people with pairs win the whole queue, so do not think that this combination is so weak. If any player also draws a pair, the one whose couple is stronger wins. Due to the fact that poker is played by several decks of cards, it may happen that your opponent will also draw a few exactly the same cards. In this case, you need to look for the highest card outside the couple again, and such a card is called kicker. Then these cards are compared and the one whose kicker is bigger wins.

  • Two pairs, or two couples

You can call your cards combination in two pairs, when in your cards you actually draw 2 pairs created from two identical cards. This combination appears quite often. If one of the opponents also has such a combination, then the fifth card becomes a kicker and decides who should win.

  • Three of a Kind, or three

Three means that there are three identical cards in you. For example, you can gather three queens or three jacks, they will count as three.

  • Straight, or Strit

Strit is a very interesting card layout. To be able to boast of a stit, you need to draw 5 cards that follow each other. For example, the 5,6,7,8 and 9 system will be a strite. It is not easy to hit such a combination, so it is generously rewarded.

  • Flush, or color

This time we focus on the colors of the card. No matter what value your cards have, it is important that they are all the same color. If 5 cards in your hand are of the color of the peak, then the combination is called the color of the peak. In the event that your opponent also draws the same combination, only then what is the value of these cards and the winner is selected.

  • Full House, czyli Full

Full is one of the most interesting combinations, and it consists in the fact that you will find one three, i.e. three identical cards and a pair, i.e. two identical cards. When another player gets Full, the value of the cards counts, and after comparing this higher combination wins.

  • Four of a Kind, or carriage

From the English name you can guess that this combination is about four the same cards. And this is true, the carriage is a system of four cards of the same value. Something interesting happens when we play a version with a joker. In this case, you can get another combination, which is called five. It only works when you draw a joker and 4 cards of the same value.

  • Straight Flush, or Poker

One of the highest combinations is poker, i.e. a combination of color and a strite. It is very difficult to draw such a combination, so if you have it in your hand, you can feel lucky. Poker is simply a system of successive cards that also have exactly the same color. It is very rare that one of the opponents also gain poker, only with a different color. However, if this happens, of course, the value of these cards is taken into account.

  • Royal Flush, or royal poker

We just explained what combination it is Poker online And that the value of the cards is of secondary importance. In the case of royal poker, it is not only that all the cards are of the same color and follow each other. In addition, they must be cards from 10 up. The color does not matter much, but the smallest card in this combination must be 10, and the largest AS. The rules of poker say that this is also the highest rated combination, and by drawing it, you automatically win.

General principles of poker

General poker rules are not very complicated. To play, a few decks of cards that must be very well launched. Everyone participates take their places around the table, far away from each other so that none can see the pages of the other person. Then the dealer gives away to all participants playing in poker 5 cards. The competitors then put the plant. In some cases, players also put their first factories before giving cards, and this is called ante.

When the bets are already decided, players can easily think if they have to replace any of the cards to get a better combination, and poker rules allow it. They pull unwanted cards out of their hand (it can be one card, and even the whole hand) and at the same time they say loudly how many cards they want to replace. Put on cards are postponed far from the player, and the dealer gives the missing cards to each player. Then each of them discovers their cards and loudly says what combination he won. After deciding which player won the best combination, wins are given out (usually in the form of tokens, less often in cash), and the situation repeats from the beginning. The game is rather intended for groups from two to six or 7 people, in such a group the principles of poker are best adopted.

Detailed principles of poker

A single poker round is divided into several parts. Below we decided to present them to know exactly what we are talking about and how to play poker. The first part of each round is called Pre Flop. This is a very interesting play in which two players from the table decide on the obligatory rate. They are the first to get two cards and designate a given amount based on them. It is called a small blind, and the next rate is called a great blind.

In turn, all other players also get two cards and decide whether they stay in the game or fit. If they decide to stay, they must automatically bring their stake. Then the rest of the cards are distributed and you can again think about whether it is better to leave the game and give up. In this case, unfortunately, the previous rate stays on the table. If someone decides to increase the rate, the other players must necessarily raise and their, otherwise they have to give up the game. If someone is ready, they do not have to replace the cards, they can simply show them.

In poker, one deck of cards is usually used, he often gets rid of jokers. Some varieties, however, allow the use of a joker. An interesting thing is with AS, because in the vast majority of poker varieties it is treated as the highest card. However, there are cases that it is treated as the lowest card. Sometimes the Wild card is also added, which will successfully replace any other card. Thanks to this, it is much easier to get a very high combination. The game is often used tokens instead of money, these are the principles of poker. They can have different denominations, and the player chooses which one he needs. In a professional game, tokens are later exchanged for money.

Various varieties of poker

  • Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold'em is one of the most famous and widespread versions of poker. It is also a version that deviates a bit from the original one and you may be surprised, because the dealer gives away to each player only two cards and you create a combination of them. Before that, everyone must bring their first plant, which is called Ante. Only after seeing these cards can you fit, check or conquer. Then the dealer shows three cards that are common to all players. Participants of the game can bid again, then the fourth card appears, the next auction and the fifth. Only then does he decide who the winner is. As you can see, the player has only 5 cards in all versions of the poker.

  • 7-Card Stud

7-Card Stud is very similar to the previous version with the difference that there are no common cards. Instead, there are two cards covered for each player and 5 cards discovered. The cards are added in turn, and after each queue you can of course put your plants.

  • Poker Straight

Straight Poker is a poker version that you can know from movies and other sources. It is in this version that each player gets 5 cards, sets his stake, shows his cards and the decision is made who won. The 5-Card of Draw Poker is similar, where, however, the player can replace the cards for others. Poker with 5 cards is very exciting and best known.

  • Omaha

Omaha is similar to the Texas Hold'em variety. The difference is, however, that the player gets 4 cards, and 3 cards belong to all players. It turns out that in this case the player decides which two cards should get rid of his hand, not from the common hand.

How to win in poker?

You already have a lot of knowledge about poker, which you can undoubtedly use in the game. However, you will certainly need some tips on how to start the game and what tricks you can use to increase your chances of winning. They will let you be more confident, here they are:

  1. Knowledge is a very important element of poker. If you get well about the game and learn all the secrets and rules of the poker, you significantly increase your chances of winning. So read as much as you can and do not regret your time.
  1. It is true that practice makes a champion. Only thanks to a very regular game you can learn something. It is good to practice in a circle of friends or use free games on the Internet, which you will certainly give you the necessary practice and confidence. However, do not ignore the rules of playing poker.
  1. Don't play too long. Playing continuously for a few hours can be not only unhealthy, but also can be the reason you will lose. When you are tired, you do not think too clearly, so you better finish the game faster and come back full of strength and new ideas next time.
  1. Control your emotions. We know that poker is a very exciting game, but restraint in showing your emotions is a very good idea. First of all, thanks to the control of emotions you can make better decisions, and most importantly, you will not show your opponents any weakness.
  1. Take the lesson after each game. It is good to analyze all movements and come to where the error has happened. Poker is not a game that depends on happiness, but mostly on skills, if you plan the game well, you have a good chance.
  1. Be careful, but at the same time do not be afraid of risk. For some, this sentence may contain two separate messages, but this is the quintessence of poker. You must show other participants that you are able to risk a lot, but at the same time you have to be careful not to lose too much.

Poker strategies

Any casino game He has various strategies that players stick to. Very often they are created for years to make them as effective as possible. Popular strategies are very good for beginners who may not know exactly where to start and only know the rules of playing poker. Once you get to know the game exactly, you can come up with your own strategy yourself or simply use yourself poker systems. Below we have placed some of the most famous poker strategies, we hope that they will help you in your first successes.

  • Aggressive game

The aggressive game is very popular among players and we can say that it often works in the case of beginners, because thanks to it you can avoid unnecessary risk. The aggressive game is that the player continues to play only if he is sure of his hand, so he will really give up half or even at the beginning of the game, which is allowed to play poker. As a result, if your hand is not too strong, you will not waste time choosing cards and adapting to the ever -growing rates, you can avoid it all. This strategy, however, has no flaws, because you can think that your hand is not very strong, but it may turn out to be the strongest of the group, and winning may bypass you. However, if you are still playing aggressively, you can get used to your rivals. In this case, you have an open bluff door when you can win with not very good cards. This is not taught to play poker, you have to practice it yourself.

  • Loose game

In turn, a loose game is a denial of an aggressive game. No matter what cards you have in your hand, you want to lead the game to the end. Even if you think your cards are weaker than in the hands of opponents, you do not give up and you are still following the raised rates. This issue is not regulated by the rules of playing poker, so you can do it. The strategy has a very positive aspect in the context that other players cannot predict what cards you are holding in your hands because you never fit. The disadvantage, however, is that your cards may be really weak, so you can lose your bet. Some people think that compared to an aggressive game, the loose game is quite poor, so think well before you choose this strategy.

  • Card variability

Card variability is a strategy that works well during many games. Its main feature is not to get used to the cards too much and not play them for too long. The reason for such a strategy is the known fact that you do not know the cards of other participants. You can put a lot of energy into a given hand, and finally it turns out that the win has passed your nose. Instead, when you realize that you will not win with your hand, let it go and direct your energy to new cards, which you will get in a moment.

  • Mathematical poker

A poker player, who also knows mathematics, and especially he already has half the success. It is true that the principles of poker playing are closely related to mathematics, so one of the strategies is the use of mathematics as a secret weapon in poker. What you need to do is estimate what the possibilities you have, what a percentage is that a given card is on the table or in the hands of the opponent. You won't have much time for it, so at the beginning it can be difficult for you, but after a few games you should get used to various calculations and really win.

There are many other strategies that you can use during the game. However, you must know that they never work 100%. If you managed to win using one of the strategies, you will certainly want to use it again. However, you may be disappointed when you lose your plant. That is why it is so important to observe the situation, draw conclusions from what happened, and it is also worth creating your own strategy that no one can figure out.


Blef is one of the poker strategies about which various opinions circulate. Some believe that bluffing is completely unnecessary and can only harm the player. In turn, others believe that without bluffing there is no chance of winning. As you can see, the sentences are divided and it really depends on you whether you decide to use this strategy. The rules of playing poker say nothing about bluffing, but this is allowed.

Personally, we do not recommend using bluffing by beginners and playing with beginners. In the first case, you may seem quite artificial, it is better to observe other players and pay attention to their facial expressions and gestures. You can then get used to them and repeat when you want to cloth. In the second case, i.e. playing with beginners, they may simply not notice your subtle behavior and catch bluffing. It may turn out that your whole show will be in vain.

Important tips during bluffing is not to do it too often. If you manage to win once or a second, then information about your tactics can be provided, especially if you play in a fairly closed circle. It is worth doing from time to time. You can delay a little with enlargement of your rate, it will be a sign for other players that you do not want to do it because you do not have too high cards. In this case, however, you must be sure that the player really has worse cards than you to get as many tokens as possible from him.

Some players, who can undoubtedly be called professionals, even use a controlled failure. This is definitely an advanced technique, so don't try it until you understand the rules of poker very well. For a failure to succeed, you must have low cards in your hands, but be sure that they are high on the table. You can accidentally show your cards to your opponent. He will be sure that you will lose, so he will raise the stake, and you can attack it at the right time. Such a strategy, however, requires a lot of practice and knowledge, so at the beginning focus better on other strategies.

Chances of winning in poker

The chances of winning in poker are very different, it all depends on what cards you keep in your hands and what your opponents have. At the beginning, the calculation can be quite tedious, so we recommend using ready -made opportunities. There are tools that will show you the exact result after you enter what cards you have in your hand. Some tools have an interesting function that shows what cards can strengthen this system and weaken. You can assess your chances in poker yourself, but you must know that it is quite arduous and does not work in a real game, unless you have several years of experience. So at the beginning use handy calculators, they will certainly help you estimate whether to give up or continue the game.

Limits in poker

It is important to know all limits in poker. Depending on which table you play and with whom and on what terms you play, the limits in poker can be radically different. Currently, there are 3 basic limits that you will learn everything about.

  • No limit, i.e. without limit

This is the most free version of the poker game. No limits are applied to the player during the game. He can raise the stake at the amount he considers to be appropriate. This also applies to how many times it will increase the stake, and in poker no limit can be raised without calculating. In this case, however, you have to count that the sums at the end of the game can be quite high.

  • Fixed Limit, i.e. the previously established limit

The fixed limit is basically the most common limit in poker. It is determined in advance and is presented to players at the very beginning. If you don't like the limit in a given table, don't be afraid, you can always find a table with a more friendly limit. Remember that the limit also covers how many times the rate can be raised, and usually this number is 5.

  • I can limit, or pool limit

Pot limit is also a very popular solution. In simple words it can be said that the instep can only be as large as the general pool of the table at the moment. This is quite limiting, but the good news is that there is no limit on how many times you can raise such a rate, so you can really reach really large amounts. The poker rules are quite restrictive as to the limits.

Playing poker in online casinos

From the very beginning, poker was a game that only played stationary, among friends or other opponents. Then it was also transferred to stationary casinos, where you can play at professional tables and crunchies, and the poker rules were strictly observed. However, technology is still moving forward, which is why you can play poker in online casinos for several years.

We can say that we live in a time when access to poker is really easy. Below we will try to briefly discuss what can be found in online casinos. The first type of poker is video poker. Video poker is a type of slots in which there are poker cards, and by spinning, they create combinations. They are very simple and pay wins based on your plant and combination. Automatic poker versions are very similar to video poker. They differ in that they resemble a real game more. You see an animation that presents a real table, you have tokens that you can use.

It is very helpful in learning the game that the types of games we mentioned are very often made available for free. As a result, you can easily check if you have a chance to win and you don't have to know how to play poker. Do not think, however, that in the free version you will win something, it is not possible. However, you can quickly read the principles of poker. The technology has gone forward that if you are not satisfied with the automatic versions of the poker, you can easily play this game live. Thanks to this you will feel like in a real casino.

On the other side you will see a real dealer that will lead you around the game, and you can also choose a game with other participants, including real ones. This time, however, you cannot practice, the game is only available for money. However, you have very free access to all poker varieties at any time of your day, and the dealer can suggest the rules of the game. So don't miss such an opportunity.

The most famous poker tournaments

There are currently many poker tournaments that are organized all over the world. Many of them are popular enough to bring together players from around the world, as well as from Australia. Sometimes we can hear that our countryman has been awarded at one such tournaments. Below we will describe the most famous events.

  • PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship

It is a tournament that has been suspended for some time. One of the reasons may be a fairly expensive entry fee, which, however, pays off in the long run. The entry fee for the tournament is 22,500 euros, which for some may be a property, but the winners are even greater. The tournament will take place this year.

  • EPT

EPT is a competition that takes place every year in the Russian city of Sochi. At the beginning you have to undergo qualification, and then you can take part in a tournament in which 122,500,000 rubles are guaranteed. It is rather intended for advanced players.

  • Eureka Poker Tour

Eureka Poker Tour is an annual event whose entry fee is 1,000 euros. So it is much more accessible and very interesting, because there is no one main tournament, but there are many different games in different cities, so winning may seem simpler. The principles of poker in this tournament do not change.

  • World Series of Poker

World Series of Poker is the most important poker tournament around the world. You can take part in it, if you deposit an entry fee of 10,000 euros, you can also take part in smaller competitions for less money. All tournaments take place in Las Vegas, and duels can be observed from many sources. The main winner becomes the master of poker for the whole year.

Poker in Australia

Poker in Australia has quite a lot of admirers. Poles like this game and are not afraid to show it. Many people know how to play poker. However, this became difficult because the regulations of the Australian government are more sharp. If you do not play in a state -controlled casino or in one that purchased a license, you can bear a rather painful financial penalty. If you just want to play with friends, it's better not to use money to play, because you also get punished. We are not talking about small amounts here, but those that exceed about AUD 2,000 must be reported. All because the wins above this amount are covered with tax. Every player who managed to win a larger amount will have to give a certain part of it, which in some cases may be problematic. Remember that poker is completely prohibited, so don't practice it.


We hope that all this information will help you develop your poker career and you already know how to play poker. Remember, however, that not only knowledge is important, but also practice. Therefore, do not waste too much time, but train your skills in free games. You can check various strategies yourself, and if you notice that something works, you can try poker for real money. Familiarize yourself with the principles of poker. Do not be afraid to put different factories and change your reactions, thanks to this you can become an experienced player. It is not without reason that we did not put information about the undressed poker, it is prohibited, so it's better not to practice it. Poker rules are certainly not difficult for you, we wish you good luck!