Roulette rules of the game - how to play roulette to win?

Fortuna is rolling the wheel - this is a popular saying how a glove fits into roulette. This game for decades will provide emotions at stationary casinos, and in the 21st century it is increasingly elected in online casinos. But what are the rules of playing roulette? How to play roulette to increase your chances of winning? You can find such questions in this article.

What is roulette?

Roulette can be defined as gambling, which consists in predicting a place where a ball released in motion will land. Everything is done on a specially prepared table, or a digital version of the game. The table consists of a circle with numbered gaps (otherwise known as fields or partitions) and the board (internal and external), which is used for betting. A characteristic element of the game are also the colors of roulette, consisting of red, black and green color.

So it can be said that roulette rules are even trivial. You just have to predict where the ball will appear in a moment. However, this is only part of the truth, because apart from a random factor, the use of an appropriate strategy based in statistics and probability a calculation is of great importance. If you get to know these less obvious roulette rules, then the chances of success are significantly growing.

History roulette

Interestingly, the question "How to play roulette?" People in ancient times have already asked themselves. The rules of the game regarding roulette have already been developed by ancient Greeks. From today's perspective, however, it was a fairly primitive game. The roulette itself has not evolved for hundreds of years, and was even somewhat forgotten.

However, in the mid -nineteenth century, French brothers (dealing with history and politics) named Blanc developed the general rules for playing roulette, which is still used today. Interestingly, they were accused of ... concave with the devil. It was quickly discovered that the sum of numbers on roulette is 666, and this number is considered a symbol of the devil.

Although the rules have undergone small changes to this day, it is still referred to as "satanic game". Indeed, when betting in roulette, you can sometimes feel like in hell, but also as if you were in heaven. Emotions from the game are huge and the situation is dynamic.

How to play roulette?

Basically, in roulette the rules of the game always take place as follows:

  1. Game participants bet on the fields or groups of fields of their choice.
  2. The dealer sets in the roulette in motion with an energetic movement.
  3. Just after the wheel is moved, a ball is thrown. Crups throw them in the opposite direction than the movement of the circle.
  4. All participants observe the movement of the circle and wait for the moment when the circle will stop and the ball will finally go to one of the fields.

Finally, the settlement of a given round remains. The lucky ones who properly predicted the result of the drawing of the wheel are scored by tokens. Later, the next round of the game occurs.

Where, how and what can be bet?

Next to the wheel to Onlin roulette There is a special board. In the middle there are fields with all numbers (from 1 to 36), which can be bet by placing tokens on them. There are also external fields on the board. They are used to bet on specific combinations.

The types of plants that can be bet depends on the specific variety of the game (for example, the plant for five numbers is put only in American roulette). In general, however, in roulette the rules of the game allow the possibility of betting.

Type of plant Description
Individual numbers (Straight Up Bet) This is the simplest plant. The chance of hitting is not considerable, but the win is counted in a ratio of up to 35 to 1. For example, after setting 100 euros, you play 3,500 euros.
Two numbers (Split Bet) In roulette you can bet two neighboring numbers, e.g. 20 and 21. In the event of success, the winner is 17 to 1.
Three numbers (Street Bet) In this case, the government of three numbers is betting, and if fate is favorable, you get a win in a ratio of 11 to 1.
Four numbers embedded in the corners of neighboring fields (Corner Bet) The winner is 8 to 1.
Six numbers (Sin Line Bet) The plant covers the beginning of two rows, and the potential win is 5 to 1.
Roulette colors (red or black) Next to the plant for a single number, the easiest way to play roulette. The win is not high, but its probability is almost 50%. So, for example, if you put 100 euros, then you also win 100 euros.
Even or odd numbers A plant similar in mathematical terms for betting. The potential small win is combined here with a relatively good chance of success.
Small (from 1 to 18) or high numbers (from 19 to 36) Another plant with an almost 50% chance for proper betting.
Dozen numbers, i.e. from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24, or from 25 to 36 It is easy to see that the probability of success is about 33%here.
Payment columns The plant is very similar to betting dozens, which also has about 33% chance of hitting.

Think about how to play roulette, it is worth noting that there are really many possibilities of placing plants. It should be borne in mind that every way of erecting a plant is associated with different levels of risk and a different potential win.

Roulette rules of the gameplay

To increase your chances of winning, it is worth learning less obvious rules of roulette, its varieties and learn about mathematical laws that rule the game. So let's know that:

  • The field of science that can be used when playing roulette is probabilistics, i.e. a probability account.
  • You can play several varieties of the game on the web, and in each of the varieties of roulette the rules differ slightly from each other. The differences also apply to the chances of winning - in one of the casino varieties there is no advantage over the player.
  • The classic roulette wheel consists of 37 fields - 18 of them are black, 18 red and one green.
  • In general, there are up to 8 players with one game.

It is also worth noting that the game is matched to almost everyone. The rules of the game are simple in roulette, so everyone can successfully play it. Game systems are waiting for more experienced players that diversify the game.

Roulette rules of the game online

All game rules applicable in roulette are the same in both stationary and online casino. Nevertheless, the game can take place in the network in two ways:

  • Video roulette - in this case the game takes place on a purely virtual circle, and the whole is a bit like a computer game. Artificial intelligence also plays the role of a dealer. Such a game is very fast, simple and transparent. Usually, plants are put through tokens with specific denominations. The big advantage is that the rules of roulette in this version do not force the player any rush. She may think about making a decision as long as she feels like it. Only one player and computer participate in the game.
  • Roulette in a live casino - such a game is led by a real dealer, which is located in a specially adapted studio. Participants of the game observe the dealer and the course of the game via live video broadcast. Such gameplay provides impressions similar to those known in stationary casinos.

Both forms of the game are equally good. At the beginning you can recommend a video roulette to check yourself in a live casino after gaining experience. It is also worth taking advantage of the next option, what are the online mobile casinos. They enable playing roulette at any time and wherever the Internet is.

How to play roulette in individual varieties?

Classic roulette is known as the European version of this game. Over the years, however, the game managed to evolve a lot. So a French and American variety of this game appeared. A great novelty also came with the development of internet casinos. There is an extremely favorable roulette without zero, where the chances of triumph are really big. On the web you can also find several other game variants, e.g. with more balls or with a smaller wheel.

Roulette of principles in the European version

A characteristic element of the European roulette is one zero field on the wheel. Considering the rules of roulette and theories of probability, mathematicians have proved that the casino's advantage is 2.7%. Naturally, it is a theoretical and statistical assumption, and each game of the game can bring completely different results.

Rules for playing American roulette

American roulette is much younger than the European one (the peak of its popularity falls on the period of American gold rush), and it differs one detail, which, however, is of great importance. Namely, an additional green field marked with two zeros appears on the American Roulette circle.

It would seem that such a difference is small. After taking into account roulette principles and probability, it turns out, however, that the casino advantage increases here to 5.26%. This is a really big difference compared to the European version of the game. The conclusion is therefore simple: European roulette for a player means a better chance of winning than American.

Nevertheless, this version of roulette also has its advantages that players looking for new opportunities will appreciate. In American roulette, the rules allow the possibility of betting on the first five numbers.

How to play roulette in a French variety?

At stationary casinos, it is most profitable to play in the French version of roulette. It is true that for beginners it may prove to be somewhat complicated and the novices will be difficult to use the full potential of this game. However, there are a few reasons that speak for playing French roulette:

  1. The first and most important reason for choosing a French version is a microscopic casino advantage, which is about 1.35%.
  2. In French roulette, the rules resemble those known from the European version. However, there are some differences. A great example is that falling out a ball to zero often does not mean losing game participants.
  3. Possibility to bet on complex systems.

Roulette rules of the game without zero

Looking through the broadly understood casino games, it is difficult to find those in which the casino's advantage would be smaller than in French roulette. However, everything is possible on the internet. A good example is roulette without zero. In her case, roulette rules are extremely simple. No zero appears on the wheel!

This means that the casino has no advantage over the player! Roulette without zero is therefore an extremely attractive proposition. You must be aware that online casinos are trying to reduce their risk a bit. Therefore, in roulette without zero online, there are often restrictions on e.g. the maximum rate that can be set in a single round.

Roulette how to win?

Roulette How to play to win? - This question has been asked by players from around the world for years. The only ones did not find an answer to this day. Some managed to really win a lot in a stationary or internet casino.

You have to be aware that the rules of playing roulette are precisely defined. You can't cheat or bend them. However, it is possible to increase your chances by remembering a few rules:

  • It is worth practicing the game for virtual means. In the demonstration version of the roulette, the rules are identical to those in the game, for real money. The only difference is that virtual tokens are used.
  • Choose the right roulette. Roulette without zero, then French, provides the best chance of winning. Having the European or American version to choose from, it is better to choose the first one.
  • It is necessary to remember to estimate the risk. It is true that the potential win is the largest when betting on one number, but external plants ensure a much greater chance of success.
  • Playing in the right casino. By choosing a licensed online casino with a wide bonus offer, the chances of the game will win.

As with every gambling game for real money, you also need to keep moderation and set an impassable budget for the game.

Roulette strategies

The chances of success in roulette are increasing strategies. There were a lot of such, but most often it is practiced:

Strategy Description
System Martingale It involves starting to put from a relatively small rate and duplication after each lost. The strategy can be quite effective for a long time. However, you need to know that it is not "resistant" to a long series of failures.
System paroli This is the opposite of the Martingale system, which involves duplicating the rate after each win. This system can quickly bring a great win. On the other hand, it must be remembered that it is very risky, especially when individual numbers are bet - the chances of two wins in a row are very small here.
System Andre Martinez This is another attempt to answer the question how to play roulette to win. It assumes putting the same number 35 times in a row, because the probability of drawing a given number is just 1 to 35.

None of the systems guarantees success, but each of them allows you to systematize the game. By checking various varieties of roulette, types of bets and game strategies you can gain a lot of experience. Then the chances of making accurate decisions grow.